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Thread: Building a Kydex press and making a Kydex Sheath Tutorial

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    Building a Kydex press and making a Kydex Sheath Tutorial

    The materials are pretty simple for this kydex press.
    3/4" plywood. I bought a 2'x4' piece for 8 bucks.
    The clamp was $20 I think.
    2 common heavy duty door hinges. These were $2.25 each
    I needed some more screws so I bought some deck screws. Drywall screws break off too easy in this much plywood.

    The top is press plate is 12"x12". The bottom plate is 17"x12".
    3ea pieces (4"x12") are stacked (screwed and glued) for the hinge mount.

    Glue and screw the 3 4"x12" pieces to the bottom plate. Use the top plate to line it up. None of these dimensions are critical. Adjust it anyway you want.

    Here is what it will look like from the side. The bottom plate is left intentionally long in this case to secure it to a bench later. You can leave the extra at the top or bottom. I left it at the top. You don't even have to leave any extra. Just cut the bottom plate to 16" if you like.

    Give the hinge just a little room to swivel freely by spacing just an 1/8" away from the hinge mount stack. I used screws for spacers. Mount the hinge to the top plate first. (You won't like doing it the other way first.)

    Starting these screws is a pain sometimes. I hammer them in just a little and then screw. Much easier.

    A bit of the screws came out the back of the top lid. No problem. Just use the grinder to grind them flush.

    I am using 2ea 1" thick pieces of neoprene for the mold foam. I have a knife clamped in there.

    Just using the bar clamp wasn't getting enough pressure so I moved the whole thing over to the bench vise for a little more pressure.

    Press design concept from Sharpshooter Sheaths. A part of Bark River Knife and Tool.
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