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    Post here for design critique.

    I run the 12" wheel slightly diagonal - but that recurve might be a problem - from the ricasso, the tip then ends under the centre line of the wheel, then you start drawing the handle away from flat with the wheel... The upwards slant of the edge after the belly then sorts it out that the tip is...
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    I have a moral/ethical question on forging. The CrC type carbide des seem to be just about dissolved at 1200C in this article, but n690 is not in it... i believe n690 has mostly CrC carbides... this piece suggests 1100C is enough... but 1080 clearly...
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    Good luck with the pain. A whole clove bud on the tooth is quite strong anti pain, does nothing for the tooth though you still need to go get it pulled... my dad felt so much better he didnt go, and it became a large abcess
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    That is indeed possible, but modern diet is to blame on a large scale a dentist called Weaton A Price did research to find the best diets for the british governnet, he tracked the degradation in teeth and fasciimaxillary structure in societies and basically found that within a single generation...
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    I have a moral/ethical question on forging.
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    Read the book “Cure tooth Decay” by Ramiel Nagel... quite an eye opener... but you will still have that one pulled so good luck
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    I have a moral/ethical question on forging.

    Whaddaya mean my Stainless NieuWootz is nasty??!! ;-) :D OK, so essentially I quench from 1080- 1100C - (1080C usually stipulated as the max aus temp) would tempering high to set up small tempering carbides be useful? and then use 1040 - 1050C and quench and LN and temper? I suppose don't quench...
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    As a further introduction a few of my kitchen knives

    A new one, left handed nakiri cutting video
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    I have a moral/ethical question on forging.

    Can it in some way be used to disperse and reduce the size of the carbides? Like if you harden from that temp fully and then harden from a lower temp to reduce grain size... and get the right amount of carbon in solution... I mean if this pic below is the carbides in n690 and D2 then ithere must...
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    I have a moral/ethical question on forging.

    Even high primary carbide volume steels? like n690 / 440c etc?
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    I have a moral/ethical question on forging.

    Moral? It is a knife... people deify too many things and ideologies these days... You are bothered by this because you attach a certain value to forging, and being truthful about your process. nothing wrong with that... The only thing you can be moral about is your own inner compass. I believe...
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    2018 KD Members Choice Awards - KITCHEN KNIVES

    Also Nominating Forge's beauty
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    2018 KD Members Choice Awards - KITCHEN KNIVES

    I want to submit my prettiest two to date, not sure if it is appropriate to self-nominate... If i have to choose myself it would be my first successful hamon, but the wood on the carving set really does pop...
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    A question to the more experienced... would it be possible and useful to have a long forge with 2-3 burners... which you can blank off a section of the forge, as and when it needs to be blanked off?
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    Edge damage question.

    I have however learned my lesson... i do not force the issue about it being unsuitable use, i just say, i ground it a bit thin for their use, it is now more suitable to their typical use... then nobody feels they are being called out