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    Looking for an experienced Knifemaker!

    That's a very nice lookin' knife, regardless of bad pic day or not. You made our handle material look good! Thanks for sharing with us! We will keep you in mind, Steve.
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    Looking for an experienced Knifemaker!

    It is actually a combo; wood, alumilite resin & a laminate. We will send a full info sheet along with these scales so the person we choose knows what they are working with. We just don't want to say too much, yet.
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    Looking for an experienced Knifemaker!

    We are looking for an experienced Knifemaker who is interested in trying/testing out a new product. We will send you these scales & all you have to do is email us some photos & feedback on the material as far as how it worked (or didn't work) for you. If interested, please respond and we will...
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    Photos Wanted

    Lynn put together a video featuring custom knives made using our handle materials and uploaded it to YouTube. You can see it by clicking this link. We would like to make more videos similar to this one in the future. If you have any photos of knives you've made using any of our materials and...
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    Giving Away 2 Little Rock Show VIP Passes

    email us your mailing address and we'll send them on their way.