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    Hey folks, I am trying to identify this knife.

    My Dad had one like it and it was a Western and the guard and pommel was aluminum on it ., That is all I remember .
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    Tony Miller Knives

    Nice combo .
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    THE GORDO! roach bellied skinner

    Cool design .
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    Integral hunter. HHH Knives Predator pattern damascus, with Mammoth tooth

    Like with all your knives another great knife .
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    Jigged bone Hunter

    Nice and clean , like it .
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    A hunter I just finished.

    Very nice .
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    It is now Official

    Thanks for all the comments , and I'll still be checking in a couple times a week .
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    It is now Official

    Thanks for the comments everyone . I'll still be dropping by to make comments on knives every couple days .
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    It is now Official

    Getting to old and lots of other things I want to do and so little time .
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    It is now Official

    It is official I'm now retired from knifemaking as of 7/13/2015 . After 28 years of making .
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    Walrus and Cable

    I like , that is a super knife .
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    Karl Andersen, JS ~ Cowboy Bowie

    I like , a super knife .
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    Damascus and Walrus

    Super .
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    Model#15 and 4/1/15 and not a joke

    Model #15 OAL is 7 1/4" blade 3" and a 600 girt hand sanded blade. Handle a Australian burl of some kind . And a hand tooled sheath . And this is not a Joke 4/1/15 .