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    And Yet Another Bowie

    Very nice OP. That looks fantastic. Great work!
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    VFDs out in the cold

    We’ve had several days get below zero here in Southern Indiana in the past several years and I haven’t had any issues with my kbac vfd. So far anyway.....fingers crossed...
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    Cutting G10

    Right or wrong Idk but the best and fastest way I’ve found is with a cutoff wheel on my angle grinder just like I cut my bar stock. Definitely need to wear a respirator cause that dust is some nasty stuff and not at all good for you.
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    What's going on in your shop?

    Ok awesome! Thanks. Very nice website by the way! It looks fabulous
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    Black Friday wants?

    Looks like that coupon code number is 50430303 for everything.
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    Black Friday wants?

    I got an email from harbor freight saying that they are removing the exclusion on products that they will not allow discounts on and are offering a 15% discount on those items and everything else also. So if you need a welder or toolbox, etc... Might check into it. I think it ends today though.
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    Catalog by R.W. aka Bob Loveless

    That is super cool. Good find :)
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    Scandi Grind Finish Problems

    Some pics of the knife and sheath.
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    Scandi Grind Finish Problems

    Those look really good man. Thanks for taking the time to explain your process. I’ll give that a go also.
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    Scandi Grind Finish Problems

    This is kind of just a prototype knife to fiddle around with and get the process down so I don’t really have a problem with experimenting on it.
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    Scandi Grind Finish Problems

    I thought about that and haven’t tried yet. I was kind of concerned that the buffer might convex the edge a bit and I’m trying to keep from that if possible. You have any certain rouge you’d recommend? I’m not real familiar with them and all I’ve got right now is white and green compounds for my...
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    Scandi Grind Finish Problems

    Hi guys I just designed a bushcraft knife that I’m really liking and would like to make a lot more of but have a few questions on how to keep the finish of the Scandi edge nice and clean after I sharpen it on the stone. Since a Scandi edge is sharpened with the whole flat down on the stone and...
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    Walnut handled hunter...

    Man! Absolutely gorgeous. I look forward to every new post you put out. Beautiful work sir!