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    Hey James!

    Hey James!
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    Blade Show Balisongs

    Superb work great hamons!
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    New Kydex bender to this forum- Pictures

    Very impressive work glad to have you here :)
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    forged Wakizashi 9260 silicon

    Incredible bubba nice waki :)
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    cute kid! nice hat.

    He's stylin, wish I had one too :(
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    More super conductor & LSCF for Blade

    That carbon-fiber and superconducter sure look good together great work!
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    the tuna sword

    Absolutely stunning work!
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    $8 dollar straight razor

    Looks like a good find :)
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    latest Tactical going to a young man getting back from Afghanistan

    Very nice! Looks like you took the time to make it a secure grip for him as well nice touch.
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    Lighting strike CF

    Very nice indeed
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    New sword, new photographer

    Beautiful sword and great story as well :)
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    WIP Straight Razor

    Very nice indeed :)
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    Can anyone tell me some types of swords?

    Wakizashi, great sword, hook sword, war sword,celtic, dirk, galdius, sabre, falcata
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    Need a handle maker fora katana and wakazashi

    Thomas Buck
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    Time for another Giveaway! Stabilized Amboyna Burl Block

    I'm in, thanks for the giveaway.