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    Filet knife steel

    Check out alpha for thin AEB-L
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    Another knifemaker in the works

    That's awesome congrats
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    Bird and Trout

    Love it
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    Work in progress neck knives

    Work in progress neck/everyday carry knives handles have been roughed in now it's on to hand finishing
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    Another Small Drop Point

    Love the cholla
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    Damascus with Koa 4 piece kitchen set

    Always love your stuff
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    Drop point hunter

    S35vn steel with liquid nitrogen cryogenics and stone wash finish Orange Burlap handle with carbon fiber pins and lanyard tube 4 inch cutting edge 8&3/4 OAL
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    Redwood Chef Knife

    Love it
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    Clip point Hunter

    S35vn steel with liquid nitrogen cryogenics and mirror polish finish 4inch clip point blade 5inch pinecone acrylic handle with Nickel silver guard, NS and Copper mosaic pin and NS lanyard tube other: thumb jimping and lanyard with apocalyptic bead, glow in the dark end toggle and sliding ranger...