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    Flat grind bevel angle?

    25 degrees is about perfect for sharpening. Keep it for that.
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    Flat grind bevel angle?

    I forgot to mention I'm using 1.5" height material and the blade is probably 1.25" in height. Obviously 2" material would change the angle to something steeper.
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    Flat grind bevel angle?

    It will depend on material thickness, height, and whether you are doing a high flat vs. full flat grind. That said you will probably be in the 4-5 degree range. At least that's where my 3/16" thick high flat ground knives fall. Like this one.
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    What's going on in your shop?

    First try at acid etching and stone washing stainless. It's 154cm.
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    So, Who's cross is it?

    Absolutely! Though the turnout may be low, even 1 life changed is worth it.
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    So, Who's cross is it?

    Hello brothers in Christ. I wouldn't worry about the lack of participation in this subset of the forum. When I log in to knifedogs I'm here to get inspiration for knife making, not necessarily looking for spiritual inspiration. I also don't go to biblestudy to learn knife making. I think it's...
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    EDC Carbon Fiber

    I like this a lot. Looks like a perfect edc fixed blade.
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    Knife making

    What part of the world are you from? You should try to find a local maker and see if they can give you a few pointers.
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    154cm Camp Knife

    10.375" OAL 5.5" Blade 154cm Blade Material G10 Handle Material, Black/OD Green Kydex Sheath/Small Tek-lok
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    Starting up

    Professional equipment and cheap don't belong in the same sentence. Are you planning to forge or do stock removal?
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    Big blades at the Gathering

    Great pics. I love your work man.
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    Bevel Filing Jig

    I love this! It's pure sickness. I'll have to work on one soon.
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    154cm hunter.

    The makers mark is a bit crooked and not close enough to the ricasso for my taste, I'll be paying more attention next time. 20lpi checkering file for jimping. Sand blasted and polished to a matte finish with scotch brite. 1/4" flared lanyard tubing for "pins."
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    154cm hunter.

    Something a bit different for me. A hunting knife for a friend. 154cm with olive drab micarta scales. I really need to upgrade from my Craftsman 2"x42" to step up my game to the next level. Oh well, one day...
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    Recent Work

    Amazing work.