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    Newbie questions.

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    Newbie questions.

    Randy, how much did your grinder end up costing you?
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    Aluminum quench plates

    Mine are 3/4 thick x 3 x 12 from eBay.
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    My latest

    Thanks, Randy. I got extra, he needs it...what's not to offer?
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    My latest

    I have some large pieces of elk antler. If you want some tryout material. Pm me your address, pay the postage, and, voila.. Yours to learn all u need about elk antler!
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    Where’s Zito ?

    That's SOOO easy. The answer is (obviously) .... A dollar three eighty. Dumbo question , really.
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    Elk Hunter

    that's one great thing about elk antler ... If you get a set, you have a LOT of antler to work with!
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    Damascus Bird and Trout

    Another reason to believe in Alaska!
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    Food for thought as a knife maker

    Has anyone invited him back?
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    What's going on in your shop?

    latest try at pointy sharp things....a kitchen set:
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    What's going on in your shop?

    terrific attention to detail.....I'm trying to pay greater attention to it too!
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    The Gamblers Bowie

    that turned out splendid! Well done, and the detailing on the hilt really sets it off.
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    4 inch Hunter in Elk and Maple

    To my eye, I say "Holy crap, batman!" somebody ought to ring the winner bell!....ok I did! Great execution, John. Well done.
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    Passing Of a fellow Knife Maker..RIP Lee lbcustomsknives

    And it only takes a split second for it to happen. Much faster than your brain can process the danger and much, much faster than you can respond. Please be safe and attentive.
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    Question about using a buffer.

    For all my buffing chores I use a hand held Foredom flex shaft rotary tool.