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    Big Bowie close ups for Heikki

    Love it!! What is the ferule made of!! It looks like you wrapped it but, something tells me it may be some type of micarta! What ever it is, it looks good!
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    Ever need 3 hands?

    Been there done that!! PITA is the mother of invention!!
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    File Guide

    I used JB weld for a long time. Then one day I dropped the guide and they popped of. I think the constant heat, cool in the dunk bucket while grinding and the combination of the shock when they hit the floor was the culprit. So I decided to solder them to file guide and haven't looked back!!
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    Prayers needed...

    Ted, continued prayers! Are you out of ICU yet??
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    Prayers needed...

    Continued prayers, I know what is like waking after a quad bypass. When you get thru and ready to go home, you have no dignity left, every part of your body has been seen by someone, shaved, poked and prodded. LOL Heads up when they get you up to walk, make sure the therapist closes your, gown...
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    Happy Birthday Daniel Macina

    Haven't been on in a while, Happy Birthday friend!
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    Prayers needed...

    Ted, prayers your way buddy!!
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    I received my KITH from Retroguy

    Now that is downtown Brown! A gift anyone would like!!
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    Prayer request

    Prayers going your way! This has been a tough year for my wife and myself dealing with her cancer!! Somedays it has only been my faith and good words from friends! Hang in there back in 97 I was hurt in a five car pile-up and had back surgery in 98. Which subsequently failed it was a tough...
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    Yeah, I'm still here! My latest...

    Anthony, that is outstanding work on that one!! Love it!! The story, the tribute, and the honoring of the man's life. That is a special blade!!
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    Catalog by R.W. aka Bob Loveless

    Gotta love the guarantee on page 8. That is no bones guarantee, especially the last paragraph!
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    My latest

    So, I already told I like it!! you done real good. now I got a question after taking a second look at the knife and the pic above something caught my eye! Where did you get the point protector? Or did you make it? I have split vinyl tubing but, I only use to protect me from the edge/point while...
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    Leather Sewing Machine

    Opaul there was a thread about this a while back by Ed I think. If I can find it I will put a link!! Here it is maybe it will help to make your mind up!!
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    I talked about this before but...…...

    Yep, thanks Ken! I am trying to figure this out as to what the grain becomes after cutting. Heck I have hand picked a lot of wood for the grain but, ……... it was already cut and I could see the grain. :p To me the first thought was to cut slices off of the existing block. However some of...
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    I talked about this before but...…...

    No one has any ideas on the grain? These are bowl turning blocks. What I am trying to figure out what the 2"x2"x6" blocks are going to look like once sliced off of the side of the block!! Are they going to turn out like this?? Anyway I was hoping to generate some discussion. I know in the...