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    Best way to learn for beginners

    100% I would start right here. You can trust what this man says. When you are ready for more I would read this book. I am in the middle of it and I have learned a lot.
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    How do you display your knives?

    I was thinking on something like that. Made from wood and simple. My first thought was to forge some cool ones out of steel (Man I had a great design) but I really do not want the knives put in and out of a steel holder several times for fear of scratches and stuff. It will only be store...
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    How do you display your knives?

    An awesome local store wants me to put a small display case and some blacksmith items (including a few knives) in their store which is very kind of them. Its a great opportunity for some exposure but I want the display to look decent not "rednecked up" like I tend to do other things. Does...
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    well, I Finally Decided....

    I am happy for you Bruce. Good deal.
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    Handle question

    Sounds like I would be right at home...
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    Handle question

    I found a picture which illustrates what @EdCaffreyMS was saying earlier.
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    Can you 'fix' dented leather?

    I try to remember, when I am getting close to my borderlines with a basket weave stamp, that is what the camouflage stamp is for so I do not have to bump up against my borderlines. I have done that more than once.
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    Handle question

    Kev, I have a pretty good source for the Sambar Stag material if you want it.
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    Buckeye burl hunter

    Meh......No, obviously I am kidding. I really like the file work which is not just super decorative but is also functional as jimping. Sweet.
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    Frame Handle bowie

    I think Brass bolsters next to the stainless may look distracting. The knife looks good so far, its gonna be cool.
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    Looking for a short cut

    Are the deep scratches on your plunge lines?
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    I have used square and I like it. I do not know how they feel about the K word though. Most of my stuff is blacksmith items.
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    Thats it.