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    Stropping compound?

    Like Kevin, white or green
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    WIP. Curve backed bolsters

    I want to be you when I grow up.
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    Question about tempering

    The bigger questions in my opinion is what steel do you want to use, what heat source do you intend to use for hardening? There is wide variance in temp, soak and quench rates for different steels. Answering these questions first is likely to answer any question about what source to use for...
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    WIP. Curve backed bolsters

    Very good WIP. How often do you miss your shape and have to start the scales over?
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    Pakistan Demascus. What’s the story?

    I agree with John. I use many of the ABS tests on my blades. In my opinion, they are great tests of geometry and heat treat. But once I had a grasp on those I moved into making my knives more suited to their purpose. Kitchen knives that slice like a laser and feel good in the hand, etc. Now...
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    Greetings from SoCal

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    Gas forges in California.....

    IF ANY OF THE GLOBAL WARMING STUFF WERE TRUE None of it matters when the rest of the world says, “ummm naw”. We are but a blip on the radar.
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    Throwing more "tech" at the mid-tech tomahawks

    Very cool stuff Mr. Crow.
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    KITH 2019 (Gene...hunter or fighter?)

    Great job Ted. What CAM software are you using?
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    KITH - Leather WIP

    I would be interested in seeing the leatherwork, maybe I’ll learn to like it.
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    KITH - Leather WIP

    For me, the WIP would be of me seding an email to my sheath
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    Tempering in oil?

    Let me know how it works
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    Tempering in oil?

    That is impressive recovery of temp. Is it an induction plate? If so, it may be cool to experiment with putting the knife directly on the induction plate. No oil needed.
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    KITH 2019 WIP

    I think its great to sharpen both sides some states do not allow double edged weapons though. Just a small piece of advice though, make sure the edge does not extend to the part of the spine that you would naturally put your thumb if you wanted to do so. I found that out the hard way.
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    Tempering in oil?

    Its intetesting but @Kevin R. Cashen or one of the other metallurgists would need to tell me tempering in oil would have the same effect as an oven temper. On the surface my thought is 400 degrees for two hours is 400 degrees for two hours be it in oil or air but I am no metallurgist.