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    Hi from Washington state

    Marty try here. I’m lucky he’s less than twenty minutes away from me. Farrier Supplies aka Bent River Forge 26729 99W, Monroe, Oregon Coal, coke, forges, parts, tools, classes... (541) 847-5854
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    Pin or Solder Bolsters Question

    I solder mine on. Haven’t ever had any trouble with solder lines as long as the prep work is good. Erik
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    Future Cut Throat razor

    Do a YouTube search for Portland Razor Company. They must have 50 videos up and talk about every facet of straight razors. I stopped in and talked with them and they are very good about telling you anything you need. Erik
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    Evenheat Oven Problem

    The steel band that holds the oven together can be tightened. Have you tried something easy like pushing the brick back into place and retightening the band? Even our ovens need a little TLC once in a while. Erik
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    Tracking Problem

    Kevin, I know pics can be diseptive, but the first one of the 12” wheel appears that the bar is slightly twisted. The 12” wheel would magnify this problem and may way to shove your belt in a certain direction. You may want to check the shaft just to rule it out. Erik
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    Glow in The Dark

    Wow, love the day time color too. Did you make the scales yourself? Erik
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    "Tactical" Tomahawk Request

    Call your steel provider. I happen to buy bulk from a supplier and they have a great store front but not everything they sell is in it. You want to make sure you have enough to get the job done when you start your project. Will 4” really draw out to what you need and give you room to work? Erik
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    Plunge line question

    You didn’t say where your tracking your belt. Letting it hang over will soften the plung line. If your not tracking the same amount on both sides it can give you fits.
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    Wanted to Try Knife Making

    On top of it all he’s using mild steel which won’t make a decent knife either. You can get started in knife making pretty cheap if you pursue the forum. Erik
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    Questions metal heads/(machinists)

    If I understand you right Cliff, it could be boarded on a lath with a four jaw chuck. Erik
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    KO or KF

    I bought my KO18 with Tap controls about 6 months ago. I love the oven and it can be a rocket if you want the temp to climb fast. When I bought it, I was told the the difference between the KO and KF was two things. One, the walls in the KO are a little thicker. I went and measured mine and...
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    The spendy part of Knifemaking

    Ed, if you want it to be less painful, start thinking about it in Knife units... how many blades do I have to sell to do this. In your case that's only one! And you love making knives!
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    Slip joint pocket knife.

    Calvin, you keep setting the bar pretty high for the rest of us. You better be carful because one day you might not be able to make it over yourself. :) Great finish to a great knife Erik
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    Stockman for ICCE

    Absolutely wonderful. Gives the part time maker like me something to dream about! Erik
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    Slipjoint for ICCE

    Pretty nice Calvin, nice to watch it progress through the stages to the finished folder. Erik