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    Patiently waiting

    Very nice
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    Donated this Knife

    Great donation Opaul. Someone is going to be very happy with that one.
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    Snowing and Posing in the NC Snow

    Great decision. Thats such a cool knife and handle.
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    CF & copper

    I really like that copper. Nice knife.
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    Kimmi's Cutlery Photos

    Very nice knives Gene. And the wood on your bench is incredible also!
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    First use of sambar crown, & second added

    Very nicely done.
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    NS Trout knife

    There is a lot of work and skill that went into that one. Nice job.
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    The Patriot Bowie

    That’s a beautiful knife. Well done.
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    Started Forging my First Forged Knife tonight

    I like that tapered tang.
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    Glad to meetchya all!

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    Loveless drop hunter finished

    My appologies. That is Jim Merritt, not Merrick that worked with Loveless.
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    Loveless drop hunter finished

    Thanks for the comments. Dennis, I think your right or at least close to it. I was watching a video about Loveless knifes and Jim Merrick was building a drop hunter and said that was the most copied Loveless knife ever. Merrick worked with Loveless for many years and took over the shop when...
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    Great deal. I have really improved my bevels but they still are just a bit off. I've been thinking of getting a filing jig for them.
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    Loveless drop hunter finished

    Well I finally had time to finish this knife up. I haven't kept track but I have probably made somewhere around 20 knifes at this point. Until I really clean up the mistakes I still consider myself a rookie though. First off I have to give credit to Mr. Loveless for the incredible design of this...
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    What's going on in your shop?

    A couple of Lovelss style drop point hunters right out of HT. A couple of firsts for me. First slotted guards and first tapered tangs. The tapered tangs are going to make a huge difference in weight and balance.