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    How many makers would be interested in a knife show in central Missouri?

    I definently would try and make it to that . I am slowly getting started in knife making, so I'd be glad to see some supplies and check out the real maker's work . Dan
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    Making my first try at damascus !

    Yep ! I definently found out about the contamination possibility. No big deal though I'm only out a little time and flux . I did get an old file forged into shape .
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    Making my first try at damascus !

    This may or may not come out good , but, I'm going to try a blade out of saw chain .( as seen in another post ) . Any tips for a layer steel rookie ? Dan
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    Chainsaw Chain Damascus

    Very nice ! I going to give it a try, myself . I have a good supply of old chainsaw chains too . This will be my first attempt at damascus ..... But here goes nothin' .
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    Bowie with frame handle

    I'm really liking the contours , nice !
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    Hammer by Tom Clark and Hank Knickmeyer

    Very nice ! Bubba , you have all the luck , don't ya ?
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    Gas Forge Set-up

    That's a great bit of info ! I hope Mike finds it as useful as I did . Thanks Rob !
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    Gateway knife club

    I had plans to go to a gun show in stlouis the same weekend ......... But , y'all know how it can be .
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    Last one for 2011

    Looks like a good way to finish put the year.
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    Mountain Man Bowie

    Very nice . Great detail work and the sheath is quite well done , also .
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    Some new pieces...

    Looks like you've been on a roll . Lookin good !
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    Large San mai Bowie Dubed Desperado

    Very nice work . It's got great character .
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    At last i finished it for a friend

    Nice job . I like the contour in the lanyard tube . I'm gonna have to get some of that bog oak to try .
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    Gateway knife club

    I had a load of personal problems arise , therefore I missed the show . So how about the highlights ? Any smokin deals ? Just wondering .
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    Gateway knife club

    Occupancy rules ? Dang safety cops anyway ! BTW , Bubba did you ever try that steel I had last year ?