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    Ben Tendick: Ronin Wakizashi (Ultra Hi-Res Zoom Image)

    Beautiful work, the both of you's! Don
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    Bruce D. Bump MS: "Scar Maker" Dagger (Ultra Hi-Res Image)

    Just Incredible! Beautiful!
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    Jason Knight MS ~ Kukri x 2

    Crazy gorgeous! That's some crazy good work. Don
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    Latest Field knife....getting better -RohdeEdge

    Very Nice work! Love the scales. Don
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    John Horrigan MS ~ Damascus Keyhole

    Yes, Incredible work on both accounts! Don
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    BC "Predator"

    Beautiful work! The spine work is especially interesting. Don
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    Recurve Fighter w/Hamon

    Awesome work! You did good, very good. The vintage micarta spacers are a very nice touch. Don
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    A knife going "Across the Pond"...

    Very Nice work Mark! You did a a Great Job. I do like your customers choices. Don
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    Koa caping knife

    Very nicely done Justin. Ii love this profile, and great grinds. Don
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    Kyle Royer, MS ~ Black Beauty Fighter

    Wow, that's Beautiful! Amazing work. Don
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    First Forged Knife

    Looks good Justin. Glad to hear the experience you're having with it. I have to admit, I'm a little envious. Don
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    #5 Bush/Hunter Knife

    Here's a look at the natural patina setting in on the copper. I really like the character that it's building here. I think often times people see the copper on knife handles in the initial pictures, but they forget about how that copper is going to patina. I think the copper looks great...
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    Pocket Axe

    Very Cool. Nice and clean work. Don