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    2 More for the Show

    Great looking knife and axe Raymond. Have a good time at the show. Cal
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    Overtime Bowie

    Looks good Raymond !
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    Damascus Kitchen Carver

    1080/15N20 twisted crushed W's , stainless bolster , G10 handle
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    Hyd Press

    Ben , might I suggest that you get some high temp silicon rubber to protect the cylinder rod. When the cylinder is mounted below the work, scale will get trapped in the rod gland and eventually gouge up the cylinder rod.
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    African Blackwood X 2

    Looking good Ray!!!!!! What ever happened to that old glove and burlap you had in all your knife pictures ?
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    Certified Rockwell C sample...

    Ames wants $105.00 for this test block, but it is a bit more accurate than what you are describing from McMaster. I would say that + or - 5 is not much of a calibration block. None of this stuff is cheap. I have a portable Ames tester and the plastic dial face crystal has a crack, I think they...
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    The last two for 2018

    I started with 29 layers of 1/8 (15) 1080 and (14)15N20 alternating. Then I did a 4 stack,4 stack and a 3 stack, forged the last billet into a 1 1/2 inch square piece, cut it in 3 and forged it from a vertical piece into a horizontal piece and rolled it out that is what gave me the knife with...
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    The last two for 2018

    Just finished these up and that is it for this year. Rolled and stretched crushed W's with a Masur Birch handle Crushed W's, then pool and eyed
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    Royal Impala

    Raymond send me an email your old address does not work
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    Royal Impala

    Looks good. When you going to use that Musk Ox horn I gave you ? Send me an email your old address does not work.
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    Just got these finished up 52100/416SS, one with yellow/black G10 and the other in Iron Wood.
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    BLACK WIDOW 52100 / 15N20 San Mai

    Once again it would depend on thick the core is. If you don't have a press I would take something like a 1 inch round bar,grind a flat on one side for the hammer to hit, place it on the hot strip (forging temp) and see if you can distort the core. Do this on both sides, then flatten the bar out...
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    BLACK WIDOW 52100 / 15N20 San Mai

    When I forged this piece I purposely messed with it to offset and disrupt the center section so that when I ground it you would see the distortion pattern. If you look down the piece of steel you have and if the center section is a nice straight line then I would guess that you are going to get...
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    BLACK WIDOW 52100 / 15N20 San Mai

    I have had this blade sitting around for a couple of years and decided to get it finished. The core is 52100 with 15N20 sides, handle black linen Micarta, OAL is 11 inches
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    QUESTION ON 52100 AND 416 SS San Mai

    I have an unlimited supply of rollers from Timken roller bearings. They are about 1 1/2 in in diameter and about 2 inches long and are just the perfect size for knife blanks and other things. I have used them with 15N20 and they make great Damascus, recently I have been using them for the center...