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    2nd feather billet

    Looking good Fred
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    Filet Knife Steel Choice

    @EdCaffreyMS check this article out. All about Aeb-l. I have followed Larrin's recommendations on heat treating Aeb-l for a few knives I gave to family that hunt. They all tell me they never had a better knife. But I'm sure they were using a Walmart knife before me lol.
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    Proud enough to share pictures.

    Nice work!!!!
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    My latest

    Looks good Dan..... I like it!
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    TKroenlein KITH 2019

    Looks real good to me. I like the handle shape
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    Etsy store up

    Looks cool to me. I like that cartoon blacksmith guy
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    Etsy store up

    @Gliden07 You should put a link to your etsy store in your signature on here. Make it easier for lazy people like me to look at it.
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    Etsy Store

    I never had. But I notice lately that it started looking like a another e-bay recently with more and more cheap Chinese crap on there.
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    Daniel’s KITH WIP

    The Grind does look good
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    Forge question

    @C Craft That's a serious set-up you got there.
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    Bowie/Fighter Video by Jason Volkert Knives

    LOL..... Thanks @Gliden07
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    Bowie/Fighter Video by Jason Volkert Knives

    @tkroenlein Thanks for the Feed back. I appreciate and keep it in mind.
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    2nd feather blade

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    Deep Belly