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    Do I need this?....Do Knifemakers,or customizers use this?...

    laurance, I do have a bandsaw,but has a wider blade I use to slice my handle material with.... I really don't like to change out my blade back/forth... I hadn't thought about jewelers,or coping saw....may give that a try...will it do good with bone,and some of the harder stuff we would use for...
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    Some of my mods

    Love the restoring,and bringing back new life in the knives you're restored.....Wish I were only half that good..... Do you use a scroll saw for anything?.... Do you take un-needed blades,and cut them down to fit knives with worn blades?... I really love em all.....Thanks,JD
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    Fully customized Parker Edwards folder.

    I really like this....How did you do it?.. What did you use to get the jigging?...And what was used to make everything satin?...Looks like it was media blasted?... I have several of these I'd like to re-do....I am hoping my son will get into knives more,but he loves basketball... But that's a...
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    Do I need this?....Do Knifemakers,or customizers use this?...

    If there is a better place for this thread,please let me know? I also forgot to mention I found a late 30s,early 40s scroll saw. It is in really good condition,very heavy,just wonder if blades will be a problem?....Should I buy something like this,or a new age scroll saw? Thanks for replies, JD
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    Do I need this?....Do Knifemakers,or customizers use this?...

    OK, First off,thanks for the opportunity to be here amidst all this Knife stuff.... I've loved Knives since I was a kid....Still a kid at 52,I still love em.... I can't afford to collect the high end knives,but love to TRADE,etc. OK,sorry for rant... I have been taking some knives with broken...
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    Week 2 Photo Contest Voting CLOSED

    #17 ebbtide Tough for sure,they are all good.....Some just lil better than the rest.... Hard choice,especially since I haven't been around in awhile... jd
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    Week 3 Photo contest -CLOSED for entries

    Curly.... Left over parts of a kit knife...Lumber was picked from scrap pile at my old shop several years ago.... Picture shot with a Samsung s730 in hand.....Only an amateur,but do enjoy taking pictures.. Thank you,JD
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    week 2 Photo contest CLOSED

    here is my entry....hadn't been here in awhile...started back into collecting,etc. this is a knife I made from blade,backspring from a kit knife,the liners,and bolsters I made from sheet brass...all I had at the time.....I cut the liners,then soldered the cut bolsters to them....I changed...
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    week 2 Photo contest CLOSED

    If I knew how to delete ad at bottom of page,i would? When is last day for entry?...or has it already been? thanks, jd
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    Rob Dalton Arc Angel in like NEW condition,11" Stiletto Auto

    This has never been carried.Fires like a ROCKET.... Has a couple micro rubs at edge of handle as seen in picture. It is a lil dusty from sitting top my display for the last week. I would like $225.00 ARC ANGEL shipped. The 11 inch stiletto automatic has Horn scales,and INOX on...
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    BROWNING Black Label Shadowfax,,,,Benchmade BM-175 Dagger...USA MADE...

    These have never been carried. I will accept Paypal,or U.S.Postal Money Orders. My Paypal ID,or additional info below. Prices include shipping. Thank you all. Browning USA $125.00 shipped???? Benchmade 175 Push Dagger $60.00 shipped??
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    can someone id these for me?

    sent you a pm, jd
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    can someone id these for me?

    i have no idea what these are called as far as model numbers,etc? can someone help me out here? i thought my son wanted to start collecting these,but seems i was wrong. oh well,i'll just name em and put em away for later. thanks to all who help, jd
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    2 Bladed Balisong?? New in Sheath

    PRICE DROP...2 Bladed Balisong?? New in Sheath Had couple these and son don't care bout the 2 blades. It is very nice,unusual from the 70-early 80s JAPAN. Comes in original sheath stamped Japan as well. The stamping ink on blades isn't the most permanent. Had one that it rubbed off while...
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    Balisongs need homes

    Balisong needs home SOLD>>>Compass industries 80s,never sharpened in box....??OFFERS>>>SOLD Compass Industries 80s Thrower Heavy in sheath,no box $50.00??OFFERS SMKW Gypsy box $65.00 Paypal,or postal m.o. these are listed other forums as well,so check...