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    Prayers for my wife as she battles cancer

    Praying for you and your wife!
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    Great looking knife, well done.
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    Prayers for my wife as she battles cancer

    Cliff, Thinking of you and your wife. Tell her to hang in there.
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    Black Bog Oak This might give a better idea of what I'm trying to convey:)
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    Black Bog Oak

    In furniture making of old, using oak wood, which has this open grain; often the piece would be brushed with a steel brush to additionally remove some of the wood into the open pores. This creates a relief on the wood. The piece would then be painted with something like chalk paint or a wax with...
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    new project

    Yeah, that looks good, well done! It looks like you nailed it. Are you going to put a false edge on the harpoon point?
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    Kimmi's Cutlery Photos

    Great work all round, Gene. I like it all!
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    Scagel Inspired Sub-hilt Fighter

    Beautiful knife!
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    Frame handle knife

    Here is a WIP from Brad Lily: Go and browse under the tutorial link as well. It is a veritable treasure trove:
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    Yeah, it's finished!

    Would you mind showing us your setup?
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    Fifth overall

    Thanks for the advice on the photographing C Craft. I will keep that in mind when next I take photos.
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    new project

    Yep, filing hardened steel is not for the faint hearted. I trust that you will persevere and end up with a great knife. I like the profile of the knife.
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    Fifth overall

    Thanks for all the comments, I appreciate it. I like the Hessian or burlap as well, Doug. The material that I used in this build was bought from a local knife maker that specializes in folders. I want to try my hand at making some myself. We are just limited in the choice of resins or epoxy here...
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    Fifth overall

    Thanks Sean! I seem to lose some detail when resizing the photos in order to upload them. They seem more grainy. Here is one more to give some detail on the liners.
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    new project

    The plungeless grinds I have done so far was by hand using files and a jig. I had drawn the lines on the blade beforehand up to where I wanted to bring the filing or plunge. My grinds runs very similar to where yours seems to be with the exception that it is a flat grind, the line is straight...