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    Old dog. New trick.

    This makes a lot of sense. I appreciate the tip! I think I'll give them a try. Personally I don't mind hand sanding but there are definitely times when I need a much better way to get into recesses and plunges where wrapping paper around a piece of bar stock, leather, or even a file just...
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    Old dog. New trick.

    The AM-2 stones do fine for post heat treat? That's good to know. The description infers that they give a better finish, being a softer stone.
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    Old dog. New trick.

    okay cool. That's the same size stones I was looking at. Being 1/8 thick, do you need to use a backer? (I'm assuming you hold each end of the stone and stroke back and forth.)
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    How do I keep from losing any of the "good stuff"?

    It's a legitimate dilemma. Yes, you can do it, but it's probably going to look funky if you don't splice the ends together with something interesting in between instead of simply having a butted joint as a visible seam. For example, cut on a bias (horizontal) and put some interesting spacer...
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    Old dog. New trick.

    What are the dimensions of the stones? Are they strong enough to use alone, or do you need a backer bar to keep from breaking the stones? Like Bob, I'm more interested in using them post heat treat. I'm on the Boride site now looking at the CS-HD (General Purpose Silicon Carbide for...
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    Pro tip

    absolutely a gold nugget. I have one that lives on my shop wall. I couldn't function without it.
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    Anyone familiar with a "Lineman's Knife"?

    I second the recommendation to make hidden tangs. The commercial models are simple stick-tang knives and that's all they need to be. The Electrician is going to choke up on them like a paring knife and draw-cut with them to separate the jacket of the wire. Lineman's knives are kind of what...
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    Tilt table

    I have one of these. Very handy when I need to put angles on something. Because it's a ball head, it takes a little effort to get it leveled left/right but such is the case with anything that offers near limitless adjustment.
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    WTS: 2x42” Grinder Kit w/Belts

    That's a really nice looking machine and very fair price. I hope someone snatches that up.
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    Sharpening question.

    I have read the concerns about edges not holding up when they've been sharpened on belts. I think it's an academic argument, because I am not seeing that issue in real life. I think it's the geometry versus the steel's ability to hold that geometry. For reference: My edges are about .010 -...
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    Opinions on knife.

    For my uses, that is the perfect size for an everyday working knife. I am also a giant fan of teardrop handles for working knives. I make a similar knife based on Murray Carter's "perfect neck knife". I'm not a bushcrafter and I choke up on my knives regularly, so I round the spines...
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    Fun in the Shop or Dissecting a Pakistani Bowie Knife...

    I think every one of us as a kid spent hour upon fruitless hour trying to sharpen a "Stainless Pakistan" knife. I remember seeing them lying loose in the shoebox next to the cash register at the feed store and wishing so bad I could get one. Yes, even as a kid you could tell the scales didn't...
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    240V Plug Adapter Question

    Just to aid anyone with a question about 30amp vs 50amp circuits, because many people get confused about this. The device that you plug in only cares about two things: Correct Voltage, and that the circuit you're plugging it into can carry its load. Voltage: In North America your 220 outlet...
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    My new oyster knife design

    I've never shucked an oyster in my life and have no idea how to do it. When I've seen it done it was exactly what Opaul mentioned... oyster in one hand and knife in the other. I figured I'm exactly the kind of guy who would run the knife right through my hand, because that's the kind of stuff...
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    What's going on in your shop?

    Very interesting!