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    Nielsen Disc grinder system

    How hard/much time is it to change a disc on a regular grinder? Say I wanted a flat disc for most work, but a beveled disc for longer kitchen blades. Can I switch them out without too much difficulty or are they more permanent and I would need another grinder?
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    Pin layout on full tang knives

    I also just eyeball it and adjust when I think one needs to be moved slightly.
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    I have a problem a wood addiction problem

    Those are gorgeous!
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    Nielsen Disc grinder system

    I'm assuming the 1* bevel is very helpful for gyutos and other long kitchen knives?
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    Sheathmaking: tips and tricks and getting started

    For the straighter punching of holes with an awl, put the awl blade in your drill press and punch them that way. You don't actually turn the press on, but it holds it 90° to the leather and you can punch the holes quicker that way too.
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    Texas Rasp Bowie

    Awesome job!
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    Hello from Texas/St. Kitts

    Hello y'all. I am from Amarillo, Texas, but am currently living on St. Kitts in the Caribbean going to veterinary school. I have 4 more months here (have been here for 28 months), then back to the states for my last year of "schooling." It is our clinical year or 4th year and I will have 3 week...
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    Make your own sheath or send it out?

    I make my own. I feel like a knife isn't complete until it has a sheath. Even when I start doing kitchen knives I plan on making a saya for them. I haven't done any kydex yet, but love the look of a well made leather sheath.
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    New Member From St. Kitts (Texas)

    I am a vet student at Ross in St. Kitts currently. I am from Texas and plan on going back when I graduate with my D.V.M. I am a hobby knifemaker and am trying to improve on each one I make.