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  • My name is Kelley Ward and I'm a part time knife maker. Made my first knife (I still have it) in 1989 and started selling in 1993. I try to make 10 knives a month. Starting mading knives under the name K. Ward but was contantly confused with Ken Ward an old time maker from the 1970s. I switched my name to Hard Edge Knives around 2000 but have never really been happy making custom knives under a trade mark name. I'm changing it again this year to Kelley Knives. My mother maden name is Kelley so it's back in the family.
    I make lots of different styles from cowboy western bowies to tacticals to Japanese influenced blades and now working on Tomahawks. Most of my work is still stock removal but do some forging. I use mostly 1095 as my carbon steel and ATS34 for stainless but have worked with almost all the different steels over the years.
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