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    1084 Hunting Knife

    That is, without question, my favorite knife that you’ve made so far. Great job.
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    Here ya go Kevin

    Dude, that’s awesome! I really like the pattern!
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    Lucius KITH 2019 WIP

    That’s looking mighty nice, sir! Have you seen Josh Gallardo’s knives? If not, google him. His knives are really nice, and y’all have a similar style. Great work!
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    A few thoughts on filework

    I bet y’all $2.00 that @J. Doyle wishes he would have called this thread A Few Thoughts on... anything but filework. PAHAHAHA
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    A few thoughts on filework

    Thank you, OP! That means a great deal to me..... but.... that little orange knife is clean, clean, clean. Lol. I agree that I have done parts of knives that came out as nice as some parts of that knife. But never all at the same time LOL!! It’s true... I always end up with one of the scales...
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    A few thoughts on filework

    I think we need more discussions just like this. It keeps us thinking and moving forward. I think we all eventually become (still a win in my case) proficient at hammering, grinding, sanding, ... etc. However, I think the real art is in putting the whole package together.... and this is...
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    A few thoughts on filework

    I got something a little different from John’s original post. I don’t want to speak for him, but my interpretation is as follows. If you make a simple, yet high-quality knife, that’s awesome. However, if you take said knife and attempt to add an embellishment that is beyond your skill level, it...
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    KITH 2019 WIP

    I was also wondering if he could taper the tang. Of course, the guard would have to be remade with a smaller slot.
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    A few thoughts on filework

    I’m still a total noob, but, of course, I have an opinion on this lol. If there is an embellishment on a knife that I make that I can’t finish properly, I don’t put it on the knife. Trust me, I struggle with this rule all the time. I want to make knives that I just can’t make at the moment...
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    WIP Presentation box set

    That’s VERY nice!
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    KITH 2019 WIP

    I thought so too, but then I think he said something like it would be too tight... as in too thin to drill and pin. If he goes in parallel to the spine into the front of the scale, do you just peen the heck out of the pins?
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    KITH 2019 WIP

    Looking good! I’m still not quite understanding how the guard will be fixed in place.
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    Congratulations smallshop!

    That’s awesome @Smallshop! Site looks great! I hope you sell a million, brother!
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    GeneK's KITH Bowie

    I bet @Kevin R. Cashen knows.
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    A couple from the shop.

    I love the hamone on the darker blade ... that looks cool