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    New Orleans - Howdy

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    Hello everyone

    Welcome! Let’s see some pics! We love pics.
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    New member

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    VFDs out in the cold

    Are you Santa Clause?
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    2019 Christmas Gift Exchange

    Of course, I’m in. I honestly thought I had posted this already... gettin old I guess lol
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    Pointers on tapered tangs

    Put a hollow grind down the center of the handle on both sides. Then you have much less surface to flatten.
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    Machined Stitched

    That looks really good OP!
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    Cutting G10

    I don’t have a bandsaw, but if I did, I would find out what a bi-metal blade is and buy a couple. I bet you could get a year of use out of 2... even if you make knives everyday.
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    Damascus & carbon fiber folder

    Absolutely amazing! Totally in love with this knife!!!
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    I hope this works out. It worked

    So I’m a little bit confused. Are you making “hybrid” scales?
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    Ironwood bowie...

    Love it!! The hamon is stunning, and the execution of the details is flawless.
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    Hamon procedure

    Pasture wood handle with a horse urine hamon.... smells like a successful combination to me.
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    A couple small patch knives....

    I love them both. Crisp and clean.... unbelievable attention to detail.
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    A simply bowie

    Good job! Really dig the hamon and the contour of the handle.