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    stainless san mai

    can a san nai be forge were stainless is the mode metal for a shiny edge & dark spine ?
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    Black ash burl puukko

    i like that handel a lot
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    Damascus steel question ?

    ive done hamons i want a very visible line like these blades ? what would be my best way to get these ?
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    Damascus steel question ?

    ive never forged welded my question is i think its call san mie with to steel would show best on a taco style forge weld the mild steel raped over carbon steel to make a visible line
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    Bevel grinding help

    mister Caffrey im going to attempt my first chopper from a 1 3/4 farrier rasp i want to flat grind to spine should i start with a flat grind ore ( Start forward of where you want them to end up, and then "walk" them back, and into alignment right at the very end of FINISH grinding. )...
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    "normalize" definition

    Question to best way wen normalizing to shrink the grain in the steel. is to heath less each time ?
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    san mai look,s

    ive never make a san mai if i taco some mild steel about 70 percent from spine to edge of carbon steel will it show the difference after forging & heath treating