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    What do you use to do layout?

    Here's what I've found through the years. Ball point of any kind is a smear waiting to happen, seems the ink never really fully dries. I found a felt tip pen in my desk drawer one day and never looked back, the ink is very thin and dries very quickly. I only work my layouts on the back of...
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    Piggyback sheath

    Well done! I like it!
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    Inlaid sheath.

    Holy Cow thats a NICE set!!!
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    Leather lined kydex

    Through the years I know of at least two makers who specialized in a kydex/leather hybrid where the kydex is heat molded. One is overseas and having issues with providing product, the other is in the states. I'll see if I can find his name for you. I do a type of kydex reinforced sheath where...
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    While your at Tandy take a look at their ready made kits. Be aware though, some have extraneous tools that either you wont ever need or are not decent quality. If you find one you like open that box up and handle the stuff, you will be able to tell. That wooden mallet is one of those useless things.
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    There's a sticky for that. "tips, tricks, and how to get started" worth a peek and probably needs more content.
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    Simple dangler sheath. My first leather work in over a year.

    Very good looking work, well done!
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    Does anybody?

    No stitching machines in this shop either. I tried two different models and wasn't happy with either one, the cost of purchase combined with the cost of operation far exceeded the time savings. The best thing I can remember about the machine stitched sheaths was they are a breeze to pull the...
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    Its always a joy to hear from you KT! Your in our thoughts and prayers as usual my friend.
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    Just a few of the leather sheaths I built.

    Very nice! Well done. :)
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    Sewing thread and needle advice needed

    Here at the beginning, I'd advise to get small batches of thread to try out and see what works for you the best. Some like natural threads while some prefer synthetics. Its a matter of feel and personal preference. Tandy is a good place to get a good feel of whats out there, they have small...
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    Sewing thread and needle advice needed

    For needles, look for Harness Needles. The big eye needles are easy to thread yes, but are even easier to break. There are three sizes of harness needles at your local Tandy that you can handle. The largest are a very robust size and wont break or bend easily, but back stitching is a bit of a...
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    contact cement?

    Yup! Look for the little bottle with the brush in the lid, its in the glue section at Wal Mart. Dap Weldwood. It comes in the little bottle and in a quart size can there. Its the least expensive place to find it. Use with caution, it tends to get everywhere and on everything. Hard as heck...
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    18th c. Gentlemans Belt Knife Sheaths

    Very nice indeed!