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    Yeah, I'm still here! My latest...

    Beautiful work. Love the dove tail bolsters. They make that piece more dynamic.
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    Autem (ritual dagger)

    Very nice and balanced in a dynamic way. What's the thickness at the ricasso?
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    Walnut handled hunter...

    Fantastic as usual. What is your blade thickness at the ricasso? I like the depth of the plunge.
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    304 bolsters?

    I've been using 304ss for bolsters and guards for a while and it definitely takes a lot longer to finish properly. I'm OCD so if there's a scratch or imperfection I'll take it back to the bench and work it out. Being a hobby maker I have the luxury of time and enjoy the process. Pins do have...
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    Justin W’s KITH Bowie

    The concept handle for the drawing is the one I was saying is a bit thin from spine to belly. It still looks great though. The current one looks good and will be good for the blade. Of course this is just my own opinion and I'm by no means a professional...just a hobbyist. A maker's design...
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    Justin W’s KITH Bowie

    Honestly like both styles you've created here. The concept caught my eye because of the finger choil is similar to a model I use and I loved the blade shape. I do agree that the handle is a bit thin for that sized blade. When I get making again, I may mirror the design with my own twist for a...
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    Daniel’s KITH WIP

    I've done the glycerin/alcohol mix and just let it sit in the solution for a week. Then clean it off after. Like it was said earlier, if you're trying to tack or glue it to anything you'll definitely need to get all the glycerin off as it'll cause it to separate. As for the "top scales" it...
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    Slight setback

    Take care of yourself sir. It isn't worth being in pain if you can't do what you love. A little time off is sometimes the best medicine. I'm in a bit of a set back too in needing to amputate my wife last year and don't exactly have a shop right now. Hopefully by the end of the year. Damn...
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    Last Call for KITH participants

    I'm in a similar boat as Dennis. Really wish I could have participated for my first year this year, but am actually just hoping to have my new shop built by the end of the year. I'm close but won't have time to get it done and a knife made. There's some beautiful work being done here and it...
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    Hollow grinding question

    Sorry for the late reply on this. I didn't see the thread until I was looking for something else. I do a majority of my work with a hollow grind and like it for certain blades. When I grind I'll go through the grits down to a 200g or even 400g. Then put a ScotchBrite wheel or a "deburring...
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    That knife looks fantastic. Very classy. Shortening the handle definitely balanced out the look of it and with the coin on the end you make it very unique.
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    Scagel Inspired Sub-hilt Fighter

    Question on the guard. How did you get that lower finger section so thin? Was that hand filing/shaping or mechanical with a grinder or rotary? I've always been hesitant on making them thin like that but would like to try.
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    Next Blade - Twist Damascus

    That's going to be fantastic. What kind of handle are you planning?
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    Next Damascus Blade WIP

    Very nice finished product. Will you be doing anything with the butt end of the handle? I haven't tried a raw antler finish yet on a handle.
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    Sub-hilt Bowie

    Very nice. Feather Damascus is one of my favorites.