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    Charities that accept knives?

    You can also find someone in your community that needs help. House fire, medical bills, ect.. and do a FaceBook auction. Donate the proceeds to them.
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    Finishing G10

    Just my way of serving my fellow man. "You're killing me Smalls" is my all time favorite movie line. I use it on my sons all the time.
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    Finishing G10

    Hi Jeff. Sanded to 800 grit but if I sanded higher I think I still would have run into the same "texture" problem because of the layers in the material. I won't be using G10 with a superglue finish and I wouldn't recommend it. I use thin CA and my index finger as a brush. Apply the CA and...
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    Finishing G10

    Thanks Dennis! I order several sheaths at a time and he mixes up the stamping so I have some options to choose from.
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    Received my KITH

    Yes sir. Would be my pleasure.
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    Received my KITH

    Glad they finally made it.
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    Finishing G10

    After a lot of work finally getting something I can live with. Superglue finish. Still want to get some bead blasting stuff together so I can try Ed’s technique.
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    What's going on in your shop?

    Wish I could say the same Daniel. I sent Bruce's NITH last week. It was supposed to be there this past Monday. Tracking shows it won't be delivered until tomorrow. Eight days to get there after paying for priority shipping. The Pony Express was faster.
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    What's going on in your shop?

    Man, that would drive me crazy. They can’t deliver three boxes at the same time?
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    I received my KITH from Retroguy

    That's a beautiful blade!! Nice work Retro!!
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    I Received My KITH From Bruce

    Last piece of the display for Bruce's knife is done. Added a nameplate. It's the first thing people see when they walk into my office. When I tell them how I got it they think it's neat. When I tell them how it was made, they think I'm lying. It's alot of fun and a great conversation piece...
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    Received my KITH

    Nice job Sean! Anyone would be proud to receive that.
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    And Yet Another Bowie

    Very nice opaul. I really like the red spacers. Adds alot of interest.
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    My Arkansas Toothpick

    Very nice and looks to be well deserving of the win! Real Knifemakers of America looks like a good Facebook group. I submitted a request to join. Thanks!!
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    Personal web site updated

    Looks good Boss. That Rhino Whacker was a crazy knife! Really liked the Pizza making tutorial.