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    Our May WIP give-a-way WINNER

    Wow! Thank you!
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    Brass Bolsters

    Thanks. Yes, I finish brass, nickel silver and stainless steel with the green stainless compound.
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    Brass Bolsters
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    Handle Pins

    Here is a quick video about some different types of knife handle pins.
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    black 'n' white twist

    I like it. Is the sheath micarta too?
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    Heat Treating Railroad Spike Knives

    RC 57 is really surprising. According to the railroad specs I have "High Carbon" spikes may contain NO MORE THAN 0.30% carbon yet you are getting a hardness equivalent to steel with 3 times that much carbon.
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    Matchlock Axe/Pistol

    As always, outstanding work and a great photo tutorial.
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    which etcher works well ?

    I used a Etch-O-Matic for years. It works but has it's flaws. The head is large and it is hard to make a mark close to a guard. It is a self contained unit and a bit of a pain to disassemble for cleaning. I switched to a Personalizer Plus and I like it much better. It is more expensive but it...
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    "My very first knife" - post up!

    Well, considering that I didn't start making knives until I was 49, I needed to cheat a little. I don't have much hope of gaining 50+ years of knifemaking experience so I had to take advantage of Gils. I couldn't agree more that a mentor or taking a class from an experienced maker is money well...
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    "My very first knife" - post up!

    Good thread. It is interesting see all of the first knives. I had a bit of an advantage and greatly reduced my learning curve as I made my first knife in Gil Hibben's week-long knifemaking class in 2003. I would have spent years learning on my own what I learned in that week. I am still proud...
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    Knifemakers Guild Show

    I'll be there. Looking forward to seeing you and everyone else.
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    Cow bone for handle scales

    I go to the local pet supply and buy the big bones for dogs at $2-$4 each. I lay them outside and let them weather, dry out and sun bleach for year. Then I cut them, put them on a knife, sand it down and give it a light buff. Works great for me. Sometimes I use the whole bone on a large knife as...
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    Updates - Hometown Hero Build

    I shipped my knives today. Thanks for the opportunity to participate in a great project.
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    An interesting predicament

    There could be some confusion. There are a couple of well known Carters in the knife world so I always made it clear that my knives are by Mike Carter and use a distinctive mark and signature that would not be confused with the other Carters.
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    Making list of makers seeking knife related work..

    Email sent. Thanks Tracy.