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    An absolute shameful act

    If only it were that simple, our drive to tweak things closer to perfection makes it so difficult.
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    Am i representing spyderco good?

    Plenty of good info, but it seems a regurgitation of everything on spyderco's website. No opinion in it, I don't know if that's good or bad just saying. Small thing, it's the "good" instead of "well". keep at it I say!
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    Mini Skinner

    nice design, looks very handy. p.s. you should get a case on your phone man
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    Ironwood burl drop point

    nice design, what is the block in the background?
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    foster bros vintage cleaver

    I have a military model, it came into my family via "uncle Frank" who was a chef in the military stationed in Germany. How many rivets does it have? 3 demarcate it as a military version.
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    Canadian Belt Knife

    WOW! I can see why it is such high demand, that's a beauty.
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    Workshop rules!

    #17 distraction leads to destruction
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    Ferric chloride how do I mix it

    what is it precisely you mean to do? blue a blade or expose a hamon? Personally I would just use the ferric chloride.
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    Ferric chloride how do I mix it

    With certain steels you can get ebony black with vinegar/ferric chloride. I don't know how the durability stacks up to cold blue though; the oxidation from the ferric chloride is tougher than oxidation from vinegar.
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    Ferric chloride how do I mix it

    yes it is, its what most people use.
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    Ferric chloride how do I mix it

    I add about 35% distilled white vinegar to mine. That seems to work quite well. Both ways will work, just as quick, its preference really.
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    that's surprising! they were able to do a custom font for me!?
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    I use tus, great product imho.
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    new workshop WIP

    The new one is quite an improvement. How can one appreciate light if they have never experienced darkness?
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    new workshop WIP

    I'm excited for you, do you have any photos of your old workshop?