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    CPM154 and Elk Fur

    WOW! That's really cool
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    Forged paring knife

    Great job!
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    Black Peppers - My first Liner-Locks

    Looks good!
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    CPM154 and Spalted Maple Burl

    beautiful blade, I love spalted materials!
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    Pocket Cleaver

    I personally dislike pocket cleavers with a passion, but man is that nice!
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    Liam Hoffman ~ Gaboon Ebony Khukuri

    wow! Impressive work
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    How About A Bruce Bump Blade Gallery

    You sir are one of my favorite makers!
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    Modern day sharp finger

    I love it!
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    Taking the dive into knife making

    While I was putting the tank together, some other packages came in. Wood And a grinding dig by DD Workrest
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    Taking the dive into knife making

    Been needing a new drill press a while now, after my HF benchtop press started really bogging down on steel. And the power switch broke off- which I initially had duct taped back on. Ended up being so weak I could stop the press with my hand. Matt described my press as being so weak, it couldn't...
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    Bad To The Bone Bowie

    Great work, I like it!
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    Kyle Royer, MS ~ Fighter

    Holy cow that's nice!
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    Taking the dive into knife making

    Thanks Laurence.
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    Taking the dive into knife making

    Finished this one up today Also got some carbon fiber for a future knife
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    Western Tanto in W2 and Karelian Birch

    Work of art and great photos!