Born and raised in the deep south. Father, musician, knife maker, I joke that my job title is "doer of stuff" because it's always different. But about my Knives.....My family goes camping a lot and i needed a good knife. I was tired of store bought cheap stuff that's hard to sharpen and harder to hold an edge but didn't want to pay so much for something nice. So I decided to make my own. The first five I made, I sold just as quick as I made them. Everybody wanted one, so I kept taking orders. I finally got around to making my own, and just never stopped. I make knives that you'll use. I'm not interested in fancy, I'm not interested in ornamental. My sheaths are the same way...plain, but heavy duty leather that can last a lifetime. Without the expensive shiny stuff that makes your knife "pretty", I can keep the cost down well below what I've seen some of these custom knives sell for. If you want something that you can use that you don't have to sell your rifle to afford, let me know. I can help you out. Got Questions? Let me know. Let's build you a custom knife.

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