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    Hand Stitching idea……

    I also use a drill press with a cutoff ice pick. I first lightly scribe the line for the stitching, then use a set of diamond chisels just to mark the holes and provide the proper spacing. After I "drill" the holes, I use a gouge on the front and back to provide recess for the stitching...
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    Wrong blade on Porta Band???

    I once bought a used Craftsman band saw years ago that took an oddball blade. I cut the frame, and made brackets that moved the top wheel up about an inch and now it uses standard 80" blades. It still works fine to this day.
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    My wife and I have a gunshop. We live in half of a commercial building, the other half being our store and workshops. We installed a Simpli-Safe alarm system several years ago, and are completely happy with it. I customized the package, and installed it. It is wireless, so every now and then...
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    Flame Resistant Pants

    Before Nomex, we used to do a final rinse of a borax solution for the pilot's flight suits.
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    making a leather burnishing wheel for a bench grinder

    i bought one from Tandy, and installed a bolt for an arbor. I chuck it in my drillpress to use. Great for items like long straps and belts.
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    Electro etchers please respond.

    You can make an AC power supply from a doorbell transformer, and etch to get a blackened finish. You can skip the cold bluing. See Ernie's website for more info.
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    Opinion on makers mark

    Ask Ernie what he thinks. He told me my initial artwork was not going to work well, and I redid it. He has the experience.
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    Concern about drill press sheath technique

    I also use the tip of an awl in my drill press. I also swing the table and drill an 1/8" hole in the table, about 3/8" of an inch from the edge. This allows the tip of the awl to pass through the leather and through the table. The table keeps the sheath square to the awl so the back side line...
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    New knife that needs critique

    Recessing the stitches is the easiest way, and makes a neat job. I re-stain the recess slot before stitching. Tandy makes an inexpensive reloadable felt tip pen that you can add your dye to. For black, you can just use a sharpie pen.
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    Where To Get New Logo And Stencils

    I use Ernie. He kinda rejected my first artwork, made recommendations, and I listened. His stencils work perfectly.
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    Kydex sheet thickness?

    By the way, to save money on Kydex, buy a full 4' x 8' sheet on line (from various suppliers), have them cut it into 2' x 4' pieces, packaged up, and it can be shipped via UPS fairly cheap.
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    Sheath making a must?

    I found the leather work more challenging than the knifemaking, probably because I am a gunsmith, but now I enjoy the leatherwork more. I can work on it and if a customer comes in, I just put it down and wait on them. Can't do that when working on knives in the workshop. I also find the...
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    A little help needed

    Same way as I spot anneal a hardened receiver to drill and tap for a scope base. I use a fine, hot flame from a acetylene torch, and let it cool. Heat the spot to red, and let it go, you don't hardly heat up the receiver.
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    Resizing photos

    I use a free downloadable program called to reduce the file size.
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    Ruined knives by softening tangs? (no pics)

    To anneal a hardened rifle receiver to drill for a scope mount, I use an acetylene torch with a small tip. I just heat the spot I want to drill/tap to red, let cool. It doesn't hurt the receiver. I need to try this on a tempered knife.