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    Nice Ride Yesterday (pic)

    I miss the greenness of that part of the country, so much more color than the good ole High Desert.
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    Oroshigane Yanagiba

    Nice work! But it's hard to tell how big it is? (without anything in the photo for comparison)
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    What's your production EDC today?

    Been carrying a Benchmade Griptillian for a long time, but just switched to a new Kershaw 1660 Leek to try something new.
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    Madrone wood

    Anyone know, what's a good rule of thumb for time needed for madrone to dry? I have some that has been sitting covered outside for 3+ years.
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    Handfuls of hawks

    They look great! It's hard to tell in the images, are the handles circular or oval shaped?
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    Some new Damascus Hatchets

    Wow stunning, nice work!
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    New Bowie

    This looks great, love the handle work and details
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    Forged Hunter with Buckeye Burl

    What a beauty! Thanks for posting.