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    KITH 2019 WIP

    Sometimes it’s better to stop and begin anew. I commend you for giving it your best. I like the profile.
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    Well Darn it anyway!

    Sorry to hear Ed. I’m sure you will figure something out ;)
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    Annealing 15N20

    I heat to non magnetic and let it cool in vermiculite. That worked the last time I used it for a blade.
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    Annealing 15N20

    This was what I had to do to get mine where I could drill it.
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    I use IMGUR
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    Hope they ride it out ok!
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    Axis Deer Stag give away

    Thanks again!
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    I do to. I was in Florence S.C. with the power company working the aftermath of the storm. We use filled trash cans with water to flush the toilet in the hotel for the first few days until we could get power restored to the critical infrastructure
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    New Forge

    Looks to new. Break that thing in. ;)
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    Official KITH exchange list

    Looks good to me! All I have left to do is sharpen the blade and make the sheath. I’ll wait until the last minute i’m sure ;).
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    Daniel’s KITH WIP

    Would love to know how you do the tanning. What state are you in?
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    Broken blade

    Bummer! I haven’t worked with stainless yet so i’m no help in what may have caused it but I’ll be following.
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    First Knife

    Looks good Rick. Keep it up and each one will be an improvement on the last.
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    Axis Deer Stag give away

    Can’t wait to design a blade around the antler!
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    O2 tool steel

    This thread is several years old.