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    Thin forged Chefs knife

    Impressive video! He has a hot forge!
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    Bad forge weld?

    Gene. It looks terrible and you shouldn’t even keep it. Send it to me.
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    Tkroenlein Photo Gallery

    Great work and the photos are nice!
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    Forging 01

    Great information! Thanks.
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    Forging 01

    I read this on another forum. Seems 01 requires some expertise while forging.
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    Tartancarta cheese knife

    Nice job!
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    Skinner completed.

    Good looking knife! One thing you might want to consider is to bevel/chamfer the inside of the lanyard tube.
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    Hello Knife Dogs!

    Welcome !
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    First attempt at ferric chloride, what happened?

    Is canola oil fast enough to quench 1095?
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    Latest medical update

    Get well soon Ed. The flu is tough on healthy folks so for us age challenged folks it can be really rough.
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    W2 steel blade with elk

    First time working with W2. OAL ~9" with elk handle.
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    Leather sewing machine

    Go for it!
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    Machinist's vise

    It will be fine for what I need I’m sure. Plus at the price I paid just drill/milling slots will work for me.
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    Pin location? WNIP

    I purchased a jig but never used it. Although I do most of my grinding now free hand., in the beginning I used the tool rest to help grind the blade. I let the spine ride on the tool rest. I still do from time to time. I still lose a grind from time to time though. Hate it when that happens.
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    Machinist's vise

    I got a Smitty 3/1 mill last year for a fantastic price with lots of extras. I just need to move it to the shop and learn how to use it.