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    What's the best stitching pony design?

    If you can, try to get a design that has a quick way to tighten the jaws. You won't believe how much difference this makes. I like a foot control on the jaws but that puts you into the full size stitching horse with only a few exceptions. Bob Douglas in Sheridan WY has a pony that looks pretty...
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    My Version of the Vertical Forge

    That's a very cool forge Bruce, can't wait to see it in person. Would have stopped yesterday but had a gooseneck trailer behind my pickup. Hope you and your family have a great Christmas. Robin
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    Dwayne. Try just folding a sample piece of leather over a welt and itself, like a pouch sheath. But leave the welt and bottom piece proud by 1/4 to 1/2 inch. Stitch it and then use a round knife to cut the bottom two to exactly match the top piece on a cutting block. Now edge both sides with a...
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    I do think we agree. I also think that most would find that the way I finish leather edges is faster, easy and way more pro looking than the sanding and dye way. It's not my way, just the way the masters before me insisted I do if I was going to work in their shop.
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    NN, not a thing wrong with your thinking about the leather work. The only thing I notice a lot is this. A really good knife maker will turn out a finely crafted blade that is just about perfect and then wrap it in a thrown together piece of leather and send it to a customer. It deserves more...
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    I find that a very sharp round knife and edger will completely eliminate the need for sanding when burnishing edge's. I use only water and a 10 oz canvas wax impregnated cloth for burnishing. I was taught this way when learning to build saddles and see no reason to fight years of experience of...
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    Sheath for a St jude auction finished

    Thanks Claude & Ebbtide. Claude, I'm betting you'd get good at carving pretty fast. Just gotta buy a bunch more costly tools, dang I hate that.
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    Sheath for a St jude auction finished

    Thanks guys. The auction has started and the knife & sheath are doing well. Great cause and all have a bit of fun while participating.
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    Sheath for a St jude auction finished

    I Finished a sheath for a annual auction a bunch of traditional archer's have every year. I thought I'd post it here as I'm pretty happy with it turned out. I did a few things that I haven't tried before and I think it helped. I've been lining sheaths with veg tanned kangaroo but split and...
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    A Couple Just Out the Door for Chad Cunningham

    Really clean job, Love the way you formed that first one.
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    My new Claude Scott sheath

    That's a great looking package. I really like a sheath that highlights a blade and that one does it well. The fit on the guard looks perfect also. Love that knife. RS
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    Long Horn Sheath

    I sure like that package. The sheath looks just right for that blade. Are those rooster spurs set in the silver?
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    Folder sheath

    Sorry Eagle, I didn't get a picture of the back. It has my trademark on the belt loop and the loop is the same profile as the front of the sheath. It's a bit of a stitching puzzle. Robin
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    Latest Effort

    Very clean work, blades & sheaths. Someone should be very happy.
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    Folder sheath

    Thank you Sandy & Travis Sandy, Bruce lives close enough that I get to visit and see what he's up to. It's always a pleasure to see what his projects are.