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    Damascus san Mai

    If your looking for a brighter contrast... I would suggest L6 as the core. Its a bit more difficult to work with post welding , in terms of annealing and such, but the nickle it will not etch as dark as say 01,1084 etc. As for the core starting thickness....assuming from your other post you...
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    what size press?

    My 20 Ton has been good to me over the years. I buit it from the Dr. James Batson plans. You can get the plans through the A.B.S store online. Great plans. I used them only as a guide and modified it for my needs. Shawn
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    Antique ivory piano key veneers

    Hi Travis, i have some of these if you're interested... let me know how much you need. Send me an email@ Shawn
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    Some recent work

    Yeah, Yeah, I keep hearing that.:D:eek: All kidding aside, Maybe a fixed blade? Shawn
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    Some recent work

    Me Too! Although I think it would look better with Jellyroll damascus bolsters.:p Shawn
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    3m gators or Noton norax?

    I feel the same as Ed. I like the norax. They do leave a finer finish compared to the same grit in say ceramic (cubitron, Blaze, etc.) The other thing about the Gators is because of thier construction, (Ie file like) if your doing say a hidden tang knife and you hold the blade flat against the...
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    Wanting: Sheath molding press

    Here ya go..... Shawn
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    ok all you dogs, show yourself

    Ig, Thats a nice bike there ...but why did you have some dude pose with it while you took the pic?:eek::D Just kidding of course.:) Shawn
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    Printers Blanket

    I also took Ed's suggestion on the cork and really like it. Shawn
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    Welcome to Knife Dogs!

    Whats up folks! Just found out and had to get here! Its gonna be a great place to hang out. Thanks Shawn