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    Aluminum Bronze for guards?

    Here is a finished guard. I am rethinking everything I do as my right side no longer functions the fluted guard surfaces is much easier on me than a bunch of hand polishing i can no longer achieve. I think it still provides some nice eye candy. For the same reason I left my fullers as...
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    Tru Oil tip

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    Aluminum Bronze for guards?

    McMaster-Carr...I bought the "oversize" material in 3/8...It came in at .475 thick....that's a lot o' free
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    Aluminum Bronze for guards? is a delight on the beltgrinder....
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    Aluminum Bronze for guards?

    Thanks Daniel. Look how close this matches my gold wedding ring. I absolutely love the color! I had to put fresh carbide cutters in the machine as the material kept cutting undersize on the setup piece. It sounds like I'm cutting steel....hope the tool wear is not costly....
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    Aluminum Bronze for guards? my alumimum Bronze in's tough. Not super hard but resists cutting....I'm using the speeds and feeds that seems to work well for A-2 tool steel and it seems in the zone. Sands nice, polishes nice. The color is FABULOUS....a pale gold/copper look.No yellow...
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    WIP Texas Bowie

    Nice lines Joe! That is turning out real nice.
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    Anyone used the Rockwell Testing Files?

    I suppose they may not be enough to tell right where the RC is....but surely good enough to tell you if you blew a heat treat or not?
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    Toaster Oven Mods

    super clean job Dale.
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    Aluminum Bronze for guards?

    Thanks Ed! I'm going to give it a whirl. I wonder if the "brass has no class" comes from decades of cheap brass/rose wood items from Pakistan and India? If I see a knife with brass that's immediately where my mind goes...which is a shame. Brass is a good metal.
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    Aluminum Bronze for guards?

    Years ago I made parts out of Aluminum Bronze. As I recall it was miserable to cut/machine...but polished up good. Was more silvery colored than brass...was MUCH stronger than brass. And, had no lead in it like most of the free machining brasses out there. Should be a step up over brass in...
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    It is time for a new Respirator. ..UPDATED (Jan. 15th&16th) with some photos.

    i wanna wear that to Wal-Mart...get the biddies a'cluckin'....
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    Daniel’s KITH WIP

    Yep...that is a nice looking well designed knife.
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    The Edge of Darkness.

    Chris...I actually do not know. I have a rockwell hardness tester. I personally would not want to do heat treating without some means of testing...especially on blades that are being sold. Perhaps experienced guys that have proven their process do not need to test. Since a Rockwell tester is...
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    Covid has hit home

    Just sold my son a mini-14...he wouldn't buy it unless I sold him some ammo