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    Warped Scales

    Is the handle hardened? If it was mine and I wanted to save it I might try some hidden pins in the handle to help hold the scales. Maybe even a small burr on the heads? < That's recycled information but I'm going to try net time I do hidden pins edit: and I'm still a little green so I apologize...
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    been missing

    "Been Missing" I know what you meant. But when I paired that with 'full time evangelist,' my second thought was that you we're taken captive on your last trip into the bush and now your released. I'm a pastor in a native village in Alaska. I looked you up online. Just wanted to say you do nice...
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    What's going on in your shop?

    I have a little space I'm insulating and rearranging and ready for benches. I actually got online last night to check heights of tables and such. Might sound superficial but my wife says some of my lower back pain is from leaning over the bench. I thought she was crazy but she might be right...
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    Sheaths all caught up

    Nice little knife!
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    new project...ivory cracked

    I'll probably give that a shot. I'll post another picture if I get it. Thanks also for the good words.
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    new project...ivory cracked

    I was hammering a rivet on the sheath and the knife fell. It only fell 8 inches off of a box and onto the table. I picked it up and saw this. The ivory spacer cracked. The harpoon was completed enough to use. It hasn't seen meat yet. But I was carrying it to experiment with the type of sheath I...
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    Epoxies and unheated shops

    I do mine inside the house, too. Only I've noticed my throat gets irritated by the epoxy and rubbing alcohol. I started using a respirator and keeping some fresh air circulating in somehow.
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    Learned Something About Surface Grinding Today

    I spent some time on one when I visited a friend in WA. Was it .002-.003 at a time...something like that? It was almost 3 years ago and never been on one since.
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    Let's see your anvil stand!

    I cribbed up 3 rows of pressure treated 6x6 (edit:8x8) - opposite directions and horizontal, the same way we did to lift the house. They absorbed shock well. The reason I used treated was because it was all I had. Wouldn't the smoke from that be bad? I was thinking not to do that again. Also I...
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    What's going on in your shop?

    looks good. Did you punch those holes, too?
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    Post Vice Restoration

    I'd like to do that sometime in town - just shop craigs and secondhand. Usually don't have the time, though. Nice clean up. I did the same thing. I did end up breaking mine.
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    Prayers needed...

    Emmanuel..."God with us"
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    A potential order

    I agree, on the amount of work, why make yourself a slave when you're already free? I feel like that with just one. I'm sick of knife commitments but I'm not set up or experienced. But I know what it's like to feel like a slave to it. Here's some thoughts I've had lately: 1. You're pretty fast...
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    Happy Birthday Daniel Macina

    Sorry I missed this yesterday...HO,HO,HO! Happy Birthday!