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    Belt wobble and how to corect it.

    I take a hard planner blade and hold it tight to the side of the platen. Then adjust the belt towards it. Usually will even out the belt. Do it both sides. Good luck TJ Smith
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    Well thanks George. I just never worked any before. So I 'll do it that way. Will popst a pic when i'm done Thanks again TJ Smith
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    Whats the best way to finish Dew-carta for a deep shiny finish? Thanks in advance TJ Smith
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    Etching Damascus Blades

    I thought a/c current blackens and d/c current etches????
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    Am getting frazzled and feeling overwhelmed. Needing to vent and get a little feedbac

    My wife has a huge family and everybody wants a knife(free). I tell them they are on the list. I make 1 or 2 of those a year. I also make 1 a year for the family reunion with name year and date etched on the blade. If one of the relation wants a knife done and is willing to pay I make it and...
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    1St Feather

    This is my first try at feather damascus without going into Ws. 9.5 long Stainless steel guard and butt. 15n20 and 1084 steel. Elk horn handle. Now let me see if I can duplicate the pattern. What do you think? Take Care TJ Smith
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    My Version of the Vertical Forge

    Ok Thanks Bruce I do think it will help keep the insulation in place. I'll make sure and keep the vent open when I fire it up.The insulation was getting so thin from welding with borax that I wasn't getting enough heat to weld the billets back together for feather . Thanks again TJ
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    My Version of the Vertical Forge

    Hi BRUCE Working on a new forge myself. My old one burnt out. To much welding flux. I would like to know where you got the ss screen.Sounds like a good Idea to help stabilize the liner. Sure like the new press. Working on feather pattern. Take care TJ Smith
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    soft platen

    What do you use for a soft platen surface on your grinder. I have been using mouse pads but can't find ones with the right material anymore. Thanks TJ Smith
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    Motorcycle Chain Knife

    Be the first to own. San-Mai construction. In a canister, With a 15n20 center, motorcycle chain on each side, and filled with 1084 powdered steel. chain links visable on both sides. comes with a lined case. Very Impressive, what do you think? $350 freight paid Marry Xmas to all TJ Smith
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    Hand finishing Antler handle

    I use thin super glue. Run a bead on the antler and rub it in. cut a vinyl glove finger off the glove and put it on yours. Super glue won't stick to vinyl. Rub overlaps out, keep at it until it's shiney enough. If to shiney rub white scrub pad over the handle to dull it a little. Take care TJ Smith
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    New press almost done

    Started a new press about May. Just have to plumb it and do some fine tuning. Should put out 20 tons. showing layout. welded up. Ready to put on hoses and test. take care TJ Smith
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    Anybody know........??????

    Hi ED Try a q tip. I wet the tip ,put the clip on the wet cotton, dab it on a paper towel, and start etching. Takes a little trial and error but dabing it on the stencil for a count of 3-4 or until you see bubbles on the edges. Then move it around a lot going over everything 3-4 times...
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    Harley Chain Damascus

    Currently working on a larger press. Will be taking orders to make Harley Chain knives out of your own used chain. contact me if you are interested. TJ Smith
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    Harley Chain Damascus

    This is the knife you need if you are ridin a Harley. 12 3/4 inches of Rustic Harley Chain Damascus. Forge welded in my home made propane forge, And welded with my 20 ton air/hyd press. Overall length 12 3/4 inches. Blade is 8 1/4 inches Handle is 4 1/2 inches. and is Elk Horn. Knife has a...