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    Von Gruff

    His documentation of traveling the nz countryside to find outlets for his knives was a great series. I wish him the best.
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    Arctic Air Mass

    -3 in central Kansas right now. Plus a stiff wind.
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    Feather Cityknife

    Love the blade shape. Outstanding
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    My latest.

    Looks great......I love the colors they remind me of a knife my grandpa gave me when I was a kid
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    Dressed Up Folder

    Awesome. Per usual
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    End consumer best sharpening solution?

    I second the warthog. Does a very reasonable job and is simple.
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    Micro gunstock folder

    Another great one!
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    never rains but it pours....

    A lifetime momento.
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    That was a cold trip !

    That is crazy cold. But I am sure the scenario is unreal.
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    Christmas gift idea help?

    A spoon rest. They are pretty useful around the stove for anyone that cooks......
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    My latest Puronvarsi projects

    I really like your use of padauk
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    Any shipping problems?

    My in-laws live in nyc.....and the wife has Sent three packages in the last month. All have taken 7 to 10 days and generally two days longer then the estimate. Good thing they all arrived.
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    What's going on in your shop?

    Agree with the x strap design comment too. Much more comfortable than a neck strap and waist tie.
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    What's going on in your shop?

    gliden.... Apron looks cool. My suggestion for what is worth is small open pocket mid upper chest. But as I use my as a double to turn bowls the large open pockets people usually have are just a trap for shavings, so a flap would be awesome. Concur on the strap comment.
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    Damascus not etching.

    the finished product turned out very nice.. Boldly going ......etc....