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    Hand Stitching idea……

    You dont have the franchise on not understanding accents. Yours is probably unintellible to a majority of the world. I wont be posting any more videos in that case.
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    Hello from Pittsburgh

    Giday and welcome to KD
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    Before heat treat...

    I HT mine at 60 grit on the bevels on all my carbon steels, and 220 on the flats. HT is in gas forge
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    What's going on in your shop?

    Sharpening blades before shipping have an even dozen to do but will be interupted by going out to collect another lamb. I get them from one of the farmers when a sheep dies in delivery and have to to keep the grass down in the back paddock and for the freezer when they have done their job.
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    Hello from England

    Welcome to KD
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    Various knives

    generally from 10pm to anywhere from 3 to 4am and sometimes and hour after lunch.;) There was just 8 hours yesterday and 4 today to get them done so there are certainly economys of scale as far as time goes.
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    Various knives

    Leatherwork done bar the hot waxing. The few spare ones are for knives still on the bench.
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    Various knives

    18 sheaths cut out, belt loops sewn on, welts glued in then got them all dyed. They could then be glued together, edges sanded marked for stitching and the holes all drilled so they will all be ready for final stitching tomorrow to finish out the week. Hot waxing and blade sharpening next week...
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    The Lion Knife

    Further on in the thread where the knife is shown there was a similar correction and in truth the sheath shown in my pic dosent show the wear you would expect from the years of use Harry recited. I expect yours is the actual knife where the one in the riginal thread may well have been and...
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    The Lion Knife

    I am and will always be a Southerner whether it be here or there
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    The Lion Knife

    The only predator in NZ is the government with thier anti gun laws and I would rather face a lion any day, at least I would be apropriatly armed and have a good chance of survival, the govt - not so much Note that this is a story C&P from another forum. I have been making a copy of the lion...
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    The Lion Knife

    Me to Ted.
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    The Lion Knife

    My boys told me that when they opened up the lion they found the stomach empty, which proves that it had not had a meal for some days, and accordingly must have been very hungry. It would not have been long before that lion and his mate made a meal of me – in spite of the fact that I was pretty...
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    The Lion Knife

    They proved to be too awkward and clumsy over the latter job, however, and after a few minutes I could bear it no longer, and ordered the boys to desist. Actually the wounds received no dressing of any kind (I could not see the largest wound, which was on my back) until I reached Komatipoort –...