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    Walnut handled hunter...

    Wonderful example of the knifemakers art John.
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    WIP. Curve backed bolsters

    The tooling shown is all that I use to do the bolsters but fitting the front of the handle to the curve sometimes requires the use of a file to finish the fit. As far as pin size goes the 3/32 pi s I use in the bolsters is more than sufficient for the job. I don't use anythi g bigger than an 1/8...
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    WIP. Curve backed bolsters

    Next the curve back needs attending to and again hot fingers require a number of dips in the water bucket. Finish shaping is done on the 2 inch mandrel I had made so it was time to replace the 80 grit paper I have this block clamped to the drill press table as it allows for 2 inches of wind up...
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    WIP. Curve backed bolsters

    From the bandsaw It goes to the grinder to tidy up the majority of the curves With this one close to shape it is used to repeat the process for the other side of the pair and when the second one is cut out they are held together with the tempory pins for the clean up. Be advised that you...
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    WIP. Curve backed bolsters

    Made some progress on this one today with the blade ground and handsanded but will not etch it till next session. First stage is to clamp the blade to the stainless bar and with the drill, mark the first pin hole. The blade is removed and the hole drilled in the bar and the blade returned with...
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    First AEB-L Hunter

    As the pic appared the handle showed first and I was very much taken with it. dont get tamarind here but that is a beautiful piece.
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    What's going on in your shop?

    Todays heat treat and grinding session gives me a few to handsand and start the bolster and handle process.
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    Sabbath reflections

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    Various knives

    A couple of new designs today. I killed one of my sheep for the freezer and two of the knives I use were in need of an update. Without going into the mechanics of sheep killing I needed a slightlu more directable handle and the knife I had been using for dicing the meat after it was boned out...
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    Handle material

    First stage completed sucessfully with only a short crack at the end that will not effect the length needed for a knife handle. There was some springback from the 9mm thick they were clamped (down from about 16mm) to but as this is old and very dry horn I am going to boil it next in black dyed...
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    Handle material

    No Heikki, that is not from the one bone. I cut three today and at 4 rounds per bone with 3 scales per round that is 12 scales or 6 knives per eg bone for the arger bones and 8 scales or 4 knives from the smaller bones.
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    WIP. Curve backed bolsters

    I started on a very secial knife today for Henry, a repeat customer. Fireball damascus for the Old Western with very rare fancy Swamp Kauri scales (will use carbon fiber pins) and stainless curve backed bolster with the 3 pin mark in brass for a subtle contrast. With the bar being hardened to...
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    Handle material

    Having done that and having three of the Light hunters to do with the Impala horn handles I had a serious look at and some research on the usual handles done with this material and many are in fact bone jiged to resemble the horn so I found where the old time horners(those who work with the...
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    Handle material

    I decided to cut the giraffe bone (or most of it) today to get enough for the knives that are ordered. All of the bones had one end cut off (to facillitate the process for export) so I marked the bone off in 5 inch lengths and cut them with the metal cutting bandsaw. The knob end still had...
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    WIP Presentation box set

    Thank you. I will be be delivering them to the gunshop next week. A 560mile/10-11 hr trip but it will be combined with the delivery of another 1/2 doz knives for him so well worth the drive.