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  1. Jeff Pearce

    A new slip joint

    I made my 5th slip joint. .100 ats-34 Blade and spring, 416 liners and stainless bolsters, jigged bone. Great walk and talk. I am having a blast making them.
  2. Jeff Pearce

    My third slip joint.

    Abe-l stainless precision ground to .100 nickel silver bolsters 416 Mill relieved liners g10 scales. Still breaking in the spring. Getting the walk and talk. It’s flush ball three positions. I feel like I getting a little better every time.
  3. Jeff Pearce

    My second slip joint.

    Made my second slip joint. It’s Abe-l stainless with stainless bolsters and jigged sunset bone scales. Great walk and talk. Blade is centered.
  4. Jeff Pearce

    My first slip joint.

    ATS -34 blade and spring ,416 liners. Nickel silver bolsters. G10 scales. I made a bunch of mistakes. But the walk and talk is good. No blade play. Milled liners.
  5. Jeff Pearce

    My first slip joint.

    I made my first slip joint today. ATS-34 stainless. Nickel silver bolsters ,stainless liners , g10 scales. Made some mistakes. But it has no blade wobble. Jumps from half stop to closed. I very Making another tomorrow.
  6. Jeff Pearce

    A little ABE-L hunter orange g-10 with blue g-10 liners.

    A new knife a finished today. Made with ABE-L heat treated by me. Orange with blue g10 handle scales. It’s been fun getting back into the shop.
  7. Jeff Pearce

    Helped my son make his second knife ever

    I helped my son made his second knife. First in over ten years. He drew this out a couple weeks ago. It’s ABE-L
  8. Jeff Pearce

    A new ABE-L paring knife

    A new paring Knife I finished today. Black and cherry red G-10 with g-10 pins. . I have another glued up with orange G10 and blue G10 liners.
  9. Jeff Pearce

    Few few new knives

    two ATS -34 stainless knives and two Abe-l I made this week.
  10. Jeff Pearce

    Starting my first slip joint

    Started my first couple designs. Still learning. Practicing installing Nickel silver bolsters nickel silver liners. Also working n a shadow liner. I have a 6” x 36” sheet of Ats-34 on its way. I will cut out my blades and springs and send them to Bos heat treating. Or the new guy that took...
  11. Jeff Pearce

    May 6th house fire

    Our home is almost finished we should be able to move back home early next month. We are so ready. I can restart my business again. It's been hard with no work for almost 5 months. I will be holding a custom knife sell soon to help pay some bills. I want to thank everyone for the prayers kind...
  12. Jeff Pearce

    May house buns down may6th my mother in-law wreck her car my son appendix burst I

    It has been a thought month we will survive. Keep us in you prayers and thoughts
  13. Jeff Pearce

    Care packages

    I want to thanks everyone for all your help and kind words . This is the hardest thing we have ever dealt with. Losing my home and business. And my knife making hobby all at once is very hard. My wife can leave and go to work. I sit In a hotel trying not to go crazy.
  14. Jeff Pearce

    Blade show

    I wish I was able to make it to the show. But I wish all the makers have a great time and sell out. Have fun and be safe.
  15. Jeff Pearce

    I can't sleep

    Every time I close my eyes I see flames and every little noise I jump out of the bed. We are living in a motel and out of our cars. Thanks for helping and letting me vent
  16. Jeff Pearce

    Charity event My daughter started a charity for us this is the link.
  17. Jeff Pearce

    Our home burns down

    Last Tuesday night our house burnt Down. We lost everything we got out with just dogs I had no shoes or wallet a neighbor brought me shoes a a jacket. I feel naked with no pocket knife. Does any of my knife making friends have any tee shirts or a ball cap I wear extra leg or 2 xl in shirts
  18. Jeff Pearce

    Happy Birthday murphda2

    murphda2 I hope you have a great day. This place would not be the same with out you....:57:
  19. Jeff Pearce

    Old dog back...

    I am sure there are a lot of you that don't know me. and some That do. I finaly found some time in my life too hang around and see what everyone is up to. That is if you still want me around....
  20. Jeff Pearce

    The new Skull beads

    Here are some of the new skulls that we have been working on. They are plated in Hematite,roman oxide copper,roman oxide brass, Antique 18k gold,Rhodium,Matte hematite. Let me know what you think....