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    variable speed drill press

    I have this need to make my drill press variable speed easer than doing pully changes. I have an old (1943) Walker Turner dp it is a bench top but by all means is no small machine. I have the low speed set up but it is real pain to swap belt positions. I was looking around at router speed...
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    A side trip to the first iro works in the US (photos)

    The iron works is very local to me and I pass by it so often by hardly ever take the time to walk around. It is a small place with not more then 1/2mi of walking at it. blast forge building blast forge blast forge bellows small forge...
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    Hi from the northshore of Boston

    you can call me B I am a profession bicycle mechanic to the pros, currently detached from a full time gig. I have been in and out of the industry for over 20 years now previously I have designed bikes and built wheels for years for several European pros. I have had stints in shops...