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  1. amcardon

    Tracking problem on Delta 1x42

    Hey guys, I have a Delta SA180 (1x42) and one of my stock wheels exploded the other day so I ordered some aluminum wheels to replace them (and a new beefy platen). Anyway, after getting the wheels aligned I cannot for the life of me get it to track correctly, no matter what I do it runs about...
  2. amcardon

    Knife Identification

    I was really hoping I wouldn't have to post this but I have spent hours online trying to find the maker/specs on this knife with no luck... I received the knife in a knife swap on another forum and the one who sent it to me also knew nothing about the knife. The only markings on the knife are...
  3. amcardon

    should i jump on this kydex purchase?

    Hey guys, I have a short window to buy some 1/8" kydex for about $4 per 9x12" sheet (i can also have him cut it larger, he has 15 4'x8' sheets he'll cut to any size). Should I jump on this? This is way more than I will EVER use, if this is a good price would anybody else be interested? At...
  4. amcardon

    Folder Sheath Pics & Questions

    I know a lot of you frequent other forums as well so forgive my redundant posting here. Alright, this is the 4th sheath I've made, the first 3 being for fixed blade knives. This sheath I wanted to do a wet formed sandwich sheath for a folder. I don't have any nice folders so I made it for...