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    Matchlock Axe/Pistol

    Hello Bruce, What a fabulous work. Your WIP projects are the greatest entertainment on the web. I really hate it when you complete these projects. Its back to TV. I can't imagine how you are going to top the axe-pistol. Following along with you on these projects is really an apprenticeship, I...
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    Spirograph, mazur birch small bowie

    Thanks John, The pattern basically is a 1"square of 1095 surrounded by 15n20 on four sides. Weld, cut into four, stack, drawout, cut into four and stack and so forth. Once you arrive at the desired size of squares on end view, drawout but keep about 1/2" thick billet then use ladder dies. I...
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    Matchlock Axe/Pistol

    Fantastic work. Your WIPs are the best. This latest work is just over the top. I'm waiting impatiently for your next project. Paul Spurgas
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    Spirograph, mazur birch small bowie

    I wanted to try to develop a spirograph pattern and this is the first attempt. I was looking for a patterned wood and have a bucket of this birch so I stabilized it with Cactus Juice. I like the pattern. The blade is 9" and the handle 4 3/4". 1095 and 15N20. Thanks for looking. Paul Spurgas
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    Stag Ring Guard

    I wanted to try one of these ring styles and it was fun. I'm still working on my photography which is weak. Paul Spurgas
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    FILE GUIDE and how to use it

    I received mine about two weeks ago and it really is super. Jim Schmidt was a neighbor and made one for me out of W2 15 years ago. Worked great but couldn't grind with it and had to keep surface grinding the flats to keep them level. The carbide inserts are fantastic. Thank you. Paul Spurgas
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    Double Trouble

    I posted a few pictures of my 40 caliber double barrel black powder knife pistol combo. Obvious inspiration is the work of Bruce Bump. Still minor tweeking to be done but it shoots,cuts and is so heavy could be a great club. Paul
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    Guns, Cut N Shoots and other dual threat weapons

    Double Trouble Watching Bruce's inspirational WIP I decided to try my hand at a double barrel knife combo. It still needs loads of work and finishing. Today I took it out to test fire. It actually is pretty accurate at 20 feet. Those double 40 caliber barrels pack a punch. Although no misfires...