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    Brass folder

    this is a 1095 folder I made with brass liners and bolsters that are soldered the handle material is unknown it was from a chunk of wood that my grandpa brought me and said he wanted a knife with this wood as the handle it looks a lot like mahogany but it is extremely hard ... way harder than...
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    First liner lock

    Still got a lot of work left to do but I thought I would show some pics of the first fit up.... still got a lot of profiling left but this is the coolest knife I built yet couldn’t stand it had to show some pics
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    Damascus slipjoint

    Another slipjoint finished Damascus blade hand rubbed curly walnut scales nickel bolsters and pivot pin brass liners and brass pins for the scales Still not perfect but I’m still learning with each one this is slipjoint number 6
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    Tons of folder parts

    About to try and wear out a brand new bandsaw blade
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    Another Aluminum Slipjoint

    Here is another aluminum handle slipjoint out of 1095 it’s been used a few days so it has a little pocket wear....... people seam to love these they are light and thin really good everyday use knife what y’all think?
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    Liner lock

    Hey just ordered everything I need to make my first liner lock any pointers before it arrives and I start cuttin stuff up???
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    Bushcraft heat treat

    I’m working on my bushcraft knife and wondering how I should do the quench/ heat treat for a blade that will hold up to chopping and batoning wood..... will I benefit from a differential quench or will I lose strength .... any thoughts ...... I just normalized and did a differential quench and...
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    Lock back

    This is my latest knife..... lock back with very dark cocobolo handles and nickel bolsters the liners are brass and the blade is 1095 this knife turned out really nice it has a nice crisp snap when it locks with zero blade play I’m very proud of this knife
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    Here is a tomahawk from a high carbon railroad spike.... I have heard a lot of stuff about railroad spikes not hardening..... but I did a number of normalizing steps and did a soak before I quenched and this thing is perfect I chopped 10 trees 2 inch diameter and the blade will still shave ...
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    Hello from south MS

    Hey I’m a maker in the Deep South. I’ve been making knives for on and off for about 10 years as I have been acquiring all my equipment. Now that I have a good selection of tools im making new knives on a regular basis I’m really into folding knives because the mechanics of the are really...