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  1. J

    Official Club Mascot

    Due to this fine organization and with IG's generous input, I think an official mascot is needed. I offer a suggestion, Indian Goerge's new shop partner, his new bird pal. Any other suggestions or ideas?
  2. J

    Oven Or Microwave Wood

    Since you fellas are a bottomless well of great knife making skills, I figured this is the best place to ask how to kitchen (electric) oven quick dry wood or how to microwave wood to dry.
  3. J

    Custom Etching Machine Stencils?

    Can you folks recommend a custom outfit that can make me some professional grade knife logo stencils for my etcher, without spending a fortune? I have been using make-your-own from a roll of stencil material that works but not really up to par. Re-usable stencils would be great, too...
  4. J

    Howdy From SE Iowa

    Howdy gents and rascal IG! I received email from George, inviting me here. And after arriving, I couldn't resist joining. :D George, is your new batch of HT Relish going to burn the town down? ;) Get yer house sold yet? I should be working in the shop by now this morning but am waiting...