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    Pickle Slicer

    When I was working on it, my Lady Friend asked what it was for I said "slicing pickles" Therefore the Pickle Slicer 12 3/4+ over all 8+" of 1095/15n20 damascus in front of guard stainless-filled file worked copper-stainless guard Musk Ox horn handle with buffalo horn spacers for and...
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    K BAR questions

    Would like to know some kind of standard specs on KABAR Spine thickness length and width of fuller and location from guard and from spine. depth of blade Dimensions on butt cap Dimensions on guard A site with complete specs would be nice Ex-Marine and want to make one from damascus...
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    danascus, Walrus S guard

    14 3/4" over all 9+" of 15N20/1095 shattered twist damascus 3/16" distal tapered spine file worked S guard of browned mild steel browned steel cap with minor file work stainless ovals with minor file work before blade and after butt cap + nut Fossil Walrus handle from Mark Knapp My first...
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    New shop is finally ready to use

    Finally got it to the point I can really do something. Notice the snow still on the ground. Patio that will become forging are. Big piece of steel is for press built Looking north in the door South wall with mill and lathe Benches in the center and drill press back bench by...
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    Tracy's Norton Norax Disk YES!

    I just came in from the shop after trying out some of these that I just got from Tracy and I have to say I will not be sticking anything else on my 9" disk. What a upgrade. Love them. I have a thin piece of rubber gasket material glued to the disk also. Now when can I start getting them for my 12"
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    WARNING Berilium Brass

    WARNING Berilium Brass I was recently given a 12# "brass" hammer head. It was very yellowish and had some chips from the face. The guy who gave it to me had good intentions when he said I could clean it up and use or cut up for guards. I have worked in the oil industry much of my life and have...
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    Ironwood damascus

    Project manager from a job I was on saw some of my knives and drew up an outline he wanted. This matches his profile. Jim The vine filework goes down the blade and all the way around the handle. Filled with JB Weld mixed with saw cuttings from the aluminum/bronze guard and pommel. When I...
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    Hi all

    Jim Viall, AKA SteelSlaver here. Now living in Lewistown Montana and setting my shop back up. Lifetime of being a metal worker and a few other things. Love to make knives and the friendship of fellow craftsmen. Jim