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  1. JawJacker

    Belt exhaust

    Ok so I’m grinding away, go to change belts and my exhaust snatched and digested a 36 grit belt in one second, crazy fast
  2. JawJacker

    Disc Sander Set Up

    I went this route,it fits snug I cant tighten it. I keep it horizontal works fine for now.
  3. JawJacker

    Thinking about getting a Disc Sander

    What I did was on my drive wheel on the grinder I had enough shaft from the motor sticking out to mount a disk. My grinder also goes horizontal. (Ill post a pic tomorrow
  4. JawJacker

    Sucker for CL

    Well I didnt pull the trigger on that junk. I just saw this but I think its to big, but damn the price is right if it works
  5. JawJacker

    Sucker for CL

    Is this a deal I should pass on? I keep looking at this scrap thinking I could use it. Any ideas??
  6. JawJacker

    Blacksmith Pole Vise Score

    Looks great Im looking at this
  7. JawJacker

    Making electrolyte

    I use salt and vinegar
  8. JawJacker

    Surface Grinder - surface grinding attachment

    Search 6061dude on fleabay for material
  9. JawJacker

    Disk grinder

    I have regular full speed 1725RPM wired with a directional switch, beveled disc with medium tack spray I glued a cork backing on. I have to be very careful, I grind from the spine down now, because I had an edge from a large blade dig in and snatch from my hands @ mach 3 and left a huge gash in...
  10. JawJacker

    Thinking outta the “Chefs-knife” box!

    Nice work. I think if you post the BB code in the link the pics will auto show
  11. JawJacker

    Surface Grinder - surface grinding attachment

    Ill have to see if I can find round magnets, that may work easier
  12. JawJacker

    Surface Grinder - surface grinding attachment

    Ken ever since you posted this my wheels have been turning. Could I accomplish the chuck without a mill somehow? I have been busting out 80hr work weeks. I have been in ZOMBIE mode for some time. Im also collecting materials for this attempt I just dont have the time right now. Excellent build.
  13. JawJacker

    Checked stabilized burl repairrr

    OK great thank Ill post before and after this week
  14. JawJacker

    Checked stabilized burl repairrr

    Im about finished on this stabilized burl handle, I was hoping to sand past the imperfections (voids) and how big it to big to repair. My other question is, what are my options? or best ones, super glue? Ill post some pics later tonight. Thanks
  15. JawJacker

    My first forged blade!!!!!

    Awesome job, I still need to build a forge before I get there. Love the guard handle transition
  16. JawJacker

    What's going on in your shop?

    I hung up my jigs, Got some good practice in, Flat grinding seems to be my challenge though, but I feel I can move on. I have a hand rub finish started here. Im also testing how to post these pic better.
  17. JawJacker

    2 Pieces of Advice.....

    I struggle with the whole design thing, that is why I copy (start with) big company blade designs then I modify from there. Creating something eye catching, comfortable, useful is no EZ feat. I think its why some makers work hard to find a design that works then thats all they make, just varying...
  18. JawJacker

    2 Pieces of Advice.....

    Im saving for a used SG, I was toying with the idea of fabricating one like Travis's as discussed on this forum.Dont know if Im up for the headache with not having a mill. Great advice.
  19. JawJacker

    Thinking of a new grinder..... but oh, the hurdles

    I almost pulled the trigger on the TW90 a few years ago, the tooling arm soured it for me even though people say its fine for performance. I tackled building my own with features I wanted from other grinders. Im no welder or machinist. It wasn't brain surgery, most of it was hot rolled with...