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  1. Von Gruff

    The Lion Knife

    This, the story of Harry Wollhurter - and his famous knife! I have his book in my collection (Memories of a game ranger - - Harry Wolhurter - published in 1948) when I was a young kid, My grandfather read this story to me,everything in the story happened within a 100 miles of where I was born...
  2. Von Gruff

    WIP. Curve backed bolsters

    I started on a very secial knife today for Henry, a repeat customer. Fireball damascus for the Old Western with very rare fancy Swamp Kauri scales (will use carbon fiber pins) and stainless curve backed bolster with the 3 pin mark in brass for a subtle contrast. With the bar being hardened to...
  3. Von Gruff

    Handle material

    After a great deal of time and expense the box finally arrived from South Africa with the giraffe bone and impala horn. Much of this is preordered for 7 giraffe bone and three impala horn handled knives but expect to have sufficient left for other orders in the near future.
  4. Von Gruff

    Todays leatherwork

    leatherwork just needs hot waxing now. The customer for the chef knife is still to decide on the handle
  5. Von Gruff

    WIP Presentation box set

    I have another interesting project that I am starting to work through the details on. The gunshop owner at the top of the South Isand who carries my knives has asked me to make a presentation box to carry a 1911 with 2 mags, 10 rounds of ammo and my Pocket Ranger knife in the random pattern...
  6. Von Gruff

    Blunt knives

    UK: Police Handing Out Blunt Knives to Domestic Violence Victims to Reduce Stabbings in the Home Victims of domestic violence will have their kitchen knives replaced with blunt utensils to prevent their partners attacking them in their own home. Nottinghamshire Police are piloting the scheme...
  7. Von Gruff

    Whose knife failed

  8. Von Gruff

    Another little project

    Soon after I started making knives I made a edge scriber but was having to keep adjusting it for the various thickness of blades I have been using so over the last week I set out to make another two in between doing other things. I cut a couple of lengths from an old farm implement shaft...
  9. Von Gruff

    question for the experienced damascus users.

    This is the email I have sent to the seller of the stainless damascus I have done these two knives from I tried to etch the two blades today with a very dissapointing result. Seeing as this was my first damascus I went to a good friend, John Worthington of Ripi Knives who I believe you know, to...
  10. Von Gruff

    English Oak heart handle wood

    A couple of weeks back my cousin had a notice from the power board that the very large oak tree on the edge of their property was going to need trimming to keep it from the power lines. They quoted over $2000 for the work so it was decided to take the tree down altogether so I got a call to see...
  11. Von Gruff

    Various knives

    Seeing as I have a few knives to show on a semi regular basis I though I would just paste them in the one thread. This is the first pair. Big Game Hunters in4 3/4 in x .156 blades of 1095. Both have buffalo horn bolsters with one having walnut scales while the other has eucalyptus
  12. Von Gruff

    Stepping into damascus

    This is from the forum where I get the majority of orders for my knives. This will be a bit of a work in progress thread for a few days so to start off a number of posts back @Dr Ray asked "Do you make Damascus knives with say rosewood handles??" I said I didn't but on refection I decided to...
  13. Von Gruff

    Off to Texas

    These two just need sharpened and they will head of to their new home in Texas. A repeat customer wanted another Buffalo Skinner to match the first one I sent with the buffalo horn 3 pin bolster and exhibition grade walnut on a 1075 blade and a Pocket Ranger with Zebrawood on 1095
  14. Von Gruff


    Who are the makers of damascus that those of you who do not make it for yourselves buy from. What state are the bars in when you get them as in flat and parellel, annealed or hardened. I have bought a few bars from an Australian outlet that are hardened to 56-58 and ready to grind and finish...
  15. Von Gruff

    Micarta problems

    Some more off the bench today. First is a full size J T Ranger and a smaller Pocket Ranger in OD Micarta with desert sand liners. Both blades in 1095 HC steel Then a Light hunter in 1084 with natural micarta bolsters and OD micarta handles with blaze orange liner and spacer. A pair of...
  16. Von Gruff

    Knife value

  17. Von Gruff

    Ebony and copper

    Lookijg forward to getting this one completed. It will go into the reserve I will start to put together for the Blade Show in Auckland toward the end of the year. I have some ebony stabilising along with a few other handle blocks at the moment so will get it completed next week together with...
  18. Von Gruff

    Band saw blades

    Have hit a bit of a hitch with my new bandsaw in that the saw stalled a couple of times and even though I could hit the stop switch within a couple of seconds it damaged the capacitor start so after a yarn with the guys where I bought it I took it back in for them to do a detailed problem solve...
  19. Von Gruff

    Happy Easter

    Easter Blessings to you all on this Good Friday
  20. Von Gruff

    Just for laughs